Lenovo y530 gtx1060 performance issues

i bought this laptop about a month ago, got the gtx 1060 so i could play pubg at a higher setting higher fps but turns out i could only play at 60 fps on low of everything , is this my problem or my cpu sucks. Even lags when playing fortnite on medium settings 

X1 Yoga (3rd gen) Touch screen with finger stopped working but works with pen

I have searched a few hours for possible solutions and also installed the "touch firmware update." I have disabled and enable HID touch screen. They did not work. 

The touch screen with finger stopped a couple of days ago. Why the pen still works? How do fingers and pen work differently? 

Anything else I should try to make it work? 


Thank you!

Lenovo Y50-70 is charging but battery charge light indicator not blinking nor system detects cord.

this is my first Lenovo computer, I bougth it form a friend that was not using the laptop because he lost the charging cord and was lazy to buy a new one, I bought the laptop for 300 bucks, and managed to find an used cord for 20 bucks, the battery was dead when i pluged it in, but it did turn on when I pressed the power button and the battery charging indicator light was blinking, just as normal, the problem arrived when I discharged it enough that windows asked me to plug in the cord, when I did nothing happend (the computer did not recognize the cord on the task bar and the battery light was not blinking), I was worried thinking that the cord was not good (since it is the 90w version), but to my surprise, the battery porcentage was rising up, but the time remaining was not rising, but when it reached 100%, the time refreshed and all is normal now. the only thing is that when I disconnect the cord it jumps form 100% to 95% instantly.. What should I replace?

Brand new P52 won't boot from cloned SSD

I just got a P52 that came installed with 256GB SSD. I then installed a Samsung 970 Pro in the other M.2 slot, and then I used Macrium Reflect to clone the 256GB SSD onto the 970 Pro. Afterwards, I rebooted the computer, used F12 and "temporarily" booted from the 970 Pro, which worked. I then went to diskpart to clean the 256GB SSD. Then, when I decided to reboot the computer again, it no longer boots even when I select the 970 Pro, and I keep getting the same 0xc000000e blue sceen error stating "A required device isn’t connected or can’t be accessed."


I’m sure this has to do with me cleaning the 256GB SSD, so how would I recover the computer?

Front camera is not working in new Lenovo yoga tab 3 pro

IveI just received my Lenovo yoga tab 3 pro YT3-X90F and I couldn’t see any opsioop for front camera!!! I tried install new app and also there is no front camera options!!

ItsI only 3 hours from receiving this tablet which I bought from Lenovo.

Also I feel high temperature front tablet !!!


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