Lenovo p70 stuk in boot mode

Thinkpad X230 – frequent blue screen error

I am using lenovo x230 4gb ram when i start my laptop the screen show blue whats the problem plz help



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ThinkStation S30 non-ECC RAM and BIOS update



I have two questions:


1. What are the BIOS settings which need to be applied in order to use non-ECC RAM on an S30. Sticks are from Kingstone, they worked but after i did a hard reset of my bios i can’t figure out the settings (totally forgot what i did). Now i’m using a 16GB ECC memory in order to boot, but i need 32GB (8 x 4GB). Workstation: Intel Xeon CPU E5-1620 v2 and the RAM i want to install is a DDR3, 1600MHz.


2. I can’t get my BIOS updated. System is stuck on A2KT45AUS and when i look in the drivers section using my SN there is a new bios from 2018. I tried from the lenovo system update application, with the usb, with the cd, using the windows utility … evertyhing. Any ideas?


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Yoga 730 throttling problem

Hi guys,


One short question… I’m planning on buying the Lenovo Yoga 730-15 with GTX 1050 4GB, but on the internet i read a lot of stories about throttling during gaming. Games therefore run anything but smoothly while the hardware of the laptop should be capable of doing so. I wondered whether this problem has been solved or whether this has only occurred within a particular batch maybe?


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Ideapad 320 15AST- USB port question



Sorry for my english, I’m french 😉


There are two USB ports (all black) on the left : one is USB3 ; near HDMI or near jack for phones?







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