My motion controllers stop being tracked by helmet cameras when I move them up. I can see the controllers on the screens just above the center, but they are "stuck", their position won’t change utill I move them back down. The accelerometers seem to work fine though because controller orientation is tracked correctly. Buttons and triggers work correctly too regardless of tracking issues.


This issue is reproduced in WMR Portal; in SteamVR the controllers just go insane and start teleporting when I move them up.


Everything worked perfectly well just a day before. Is it possible that helmet cameras partially went down? I tried to clean them but still no luck.

Ethernet Connection Speed

I have an H515 Tower running Windows 8.  64 bit with 6GB RAM – AMD A6-5200 APU with Radeon HD Graphics 


When I run a test on, I get a maximum of 70mb/s, and often as low as the 40’s.  There is a USB gigabit adapter installed, but it seemed to make no difference. EVERY OTHER computer in this house will get around 170mb/s.  Including a Macbook pro (even on wifi), a 7 y/o Samsung laptop, and two versions of the HP Elitebook. Even my iphone 7 gets around the same speeds on wifi, yet I can NOT get anything above 70 on this tower. ANY  help would be appreciated.  I’ve tried everything suggested to me as well as everthing I could think of, obviously.  

AC Adapter/charger for Yoga 730-13 ?

What is the exact Lenovo model and part number so I can buy an extra AC adapter/power charger for my new 730-13?? 


It is not simple or obvious to me which one to get looking around this website, mine is 65W, the model number on my AC adapter doesn’t seem to be listed around here.






do you sell replacement screens…mine is cracked


serial no. xxxxxx

machine model   ZA000001US


Mod edit:  Removed serial number to prevent abuse.

lenovo phab 2 plus problem

I recently bought a Lenovo phab 2 plus, and I have noticed that a small message in a grey box at the bottom of the screen occurs saying ” request failed ” this occurs even when I am not using the mobile. I have tried resetting the mobile to factory settings and also looked through the notification settings to find a solution, but this problem still occurs. 


does anybody have any suggestions?




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