Lenovo B575 auto upgraded to Windows 10 – running too slow, no onekey to recover to Windows 7



How can i downgrade a laptop that came pre-installed with Windows 7?  It was automatically upgraded to Windows 10 and runs too slowly.  Microsoft will not let me download image, instead they direct me to Lenovo.  I called the Lenovo number listed in one of the posts on here, but after giving the rep my serial number, they told me to call Thinkpad support.  I thought I would check here before continuing to run around. 




Lenovo Legion Y520 – 1st boot = freeze but 2nd boot = successful


I really need some help with the following issue:


HW: Y520 with 16GB RAM, GTX 1060, SSD (GPT) + HDD (MBR)
SW: Win10 pro – including latest updates. On GPT based SSD and in UEFI mode.
BIOS: latest one is loaded


In short; The FIRST boot each day is unsuccessful, but the SECOND right after the failed attempt is always successful.


More details:
This also happens, if I switch the notebook on after not using it for a few hours, like 3h<
So during the first attempt the notebook is just freezing and and I have to press and hold power button. The last thing I can see is the lenovo logo and the stopped spinning circle animation. Notebook doesnt react to ctrl+alt+del.
The strange thing is that right after these 1st attempts the 2nd boot attempts are always successful, windows10 loads in and no problem after that.


What I already checked:
-Windows event viewer: There are no records from the failed boot, I guess because windows is not even loaded.
-Drivers: All drivers are installed
-BIOS: I didnt see any related setting. The OS was installed in UEFI mode and bios is set this way (UEFI)
-I run all the quick and deep hw diagnostics test on lenovo support page – No issues.
-Win10 reinstall: Even after a clean install the freezes are still happening. Installed win10 twice but no change, still freezing.

What causes the freezes!?

If needed I can make a video as well.

Thanks in advance!

K8 note lost Network on both the sims

My k8 note is full of problems…first battery and now… network…..my k8 note lost Network on both the sims…..but when putting sims in other phones it is showing full network……. please provide me with a solution……. i tried putting it in safe mode as well….. nothing happened…

Lenovo y50-70 screen Brocken and water damage on keyboard

 I have a Lenovo y50-70and I have two issues at the moment one is my screen is Brocken with white lines on the side that move toward the middle and I think the best solution is to buy a new screen for my laptop. But I don’t know how

Or where to buy it

My other issue is that a around 6 months ago I spilled water on my keyboard I was half asleep and I tried to wipe it off but fell a sleep without turning it off so i think that made things worse now my laptop has some keys that won’t work and there are keys that I think short circuit and are pressed without me pressing them, a work around is bought an external keyboard and after I press the delete button on my laptop the buttons that short-circuit stop then I can use my external keyboard. I don’t know what to do to fix this problem but I guess to buy another panel?

I appreciate any help and sorry for the long post also would appreciate if someone can point out what kind of models to buy since i would like to buy the parts from eBay or a site you suggest  my laptop is 15.6 inches but that is all I know for now 


Lenovo YT3-850m bought in China – No google playstore

Hi.I recently bought online Lenovo Yoga Tab YT3-850M . However, on switching on, I did not find the normal android interface on tab that we see elsewhere in the world. It had many Chinese apps pre-installed but I could not find or install the usual google playstore(ITALIAN VERSION) that we see on android tabs or phones.



Please guide me in simple language how to turn this tab with Chinese characteristics to a tab similiar to the rest of the world. Tab details IN THE PICTURE


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