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Received new verion of bios for Lenovo 720s-14ikb 81BD model – bios 6LCN22WW(V1.08) and I cannot update it because I receive an error message. Screenshot in a attachent.

Windows 10 virtual machine on a Lenovo Thinkpad X201



I’m trying to set up a virtual machine of Windows 10, on my Lenovo Thinkpad X201, with Windows 7 64-bit as my host system, but when I try to power the virtual machine oon, I get the folowing message:

NX/XD is required by windows9 guests.  The processor must support NX/XD and it must be enabled in the BIOS.


I know, how to access the BIOS, but do the processor in this computer support those things menchoned, and where in the BIOS can I activate it?


Thanks in advance.


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Aksel Christoffersen

I can't enter BIOS of LENOVO Z580

I have bought an old z580 laptop.The issue is that the hard disk doesnt work anymore. I replaced it with a new hard disk. I pushed on the NOVO button. When I’m about to enter the BIOS setup in order for me to boot from usb to install windows 7, the screen just stays black afyer selecting enter BIOS setup.


I am hoping that you can help me. I am in great need of this laptop.


Thank you and God bless.

New bug found in new July security patch update for k8 plus

What a great news guys…

IDK who is programming for these software development? They are just messing with our device. A new update of July security patch brought a new bug. Now videos recorded with rear camera are saved in .3gp format. As Lenovo is providing more new bugs with every update instead of solving them. It has frustrated me a lot. Please Lenovo find some solution for us…




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Rishi Raj Singh

Lenovo E50-70 Wireless M2 PCIE replacement Intel 7265



I’m wondering if the wireless card intel 7265 is absolutely whitelisted in my BIOS.


My Laptop is a Lenovo E50-70.


As i can see in the documentation of the Product support page there are several chipset whitelisted in my BIOS.






I picked up this one:


Intel StP 7265 2x2AC+BT M.2 COMBO Non-Vpro Sku


I want to be sure that the card i’ll order is the correct one and do not want to be suprised with a blacklist BIOS message at boot.


I’ll ship from amazon this one:



Am i fully correct with my choice ?


Thank you for helping.





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