IdeaCentre K330 77275SU How to upgrade to WIndows 10?

I’ve tried since Windows 10 was released periodically to upgrade my K330 without success. I currently have an AMD Radeon HD 6450 graphics / display card which I think, based on the generic Windows failure message, is causing my issues to upgrade. With Windows 7 support expiring soon I now finally need to get this working.


Has anyone successfully upgraded the 77275SU and if so can you tell me what hardware, or other components / software, need to be replaced? From all the online documentation I can’t tell if this particular configuration is supported or not. FYI I don’t care about a higher-end graphics card any longer as I don’t game now. Any basic PCI (I presume so it will fit my open slot) HDMI display card should work assuming it’s compatible with the bus and bios on the K330.


Can anyone point me to a list of Dos and Don’ts, compatibility matrixes, etc. before I embark on this exercise? I’d prefer NOT to replace my K330 if I can avoid it. Any help would be appreciated!

Provide volte support update to Lenovo Vibe s1 mobile

Please provide Volte update for Lenovo vibe s1 mobile so that we can access new upcoming features  on this mobile.

T480s suspend in Linux consuming power


  I have a T480s on which I am running ubuntu 18.04.  I have noticed that the laptop consumes significant power when the laptop lid is closed, even though it should have entered suspend mode.


  A bit of googling led me me to this question on SO:  where the OP described his X1 carbon losing significant power and running hot while suspended, two symptoms shared by my T480s.


  Is this a known issue for the T480s?  I have searched these forums and do not see anything similar.


  In the BIOS update notes for the X1 carbon, found here:  we read that:


1.30 (N23ET55W) 01 2018/09/05
<1.30> UEFI: 1.30 / ECP: 1.08 – (New) Support Optimized Sleep State for Linux in ThinkPad Setup – Config – Power. (Note) "Linux" option is optimized for Linux OS, Windows user must select "Windows 10" option.


  This feature is not found in the T480s BIOS, and the changelog for the T480s BIOS updates makes no mention of this:


  If the issue experienced by the two models are the same, are the forums the correct place to seek assistance in hopes that the T480s BIOS could be augmented to provide the same feature?


  Best regards,

Thinkpad X1 Carbon 5th gen unresponsive

I have a Thinkpad X1 Carbon 5th gen 20HR,  17 months old (so unfortunately out of warranty).


While using my laptop on a flight (for reading a PDF, nothing particularly intensive) it suddenly shutdown and became completely unresponsive — no lights would come on when I pressed the power button. When I returned home I tried charging it, but the charging light would not come on.


I tried a couple of suggestions form the forums, including:

pressing the reset buttonremoving the main & CMOS battery and pressing the power button multiple times

However, it remains completely unresponsive. I’ve created a service request with Lenovo, but I am fearing the worst: an expensive motherboard replacement. Is there anything else I can try in the meantime? 

Ideapad 330s the LED light at power button still light up after shut down

This problem occur after i reinstall the latest AMD driver from AMD website.The Led light at power button needs to wait up for about 3 minutes to dim.Is my laptop does not compatible with the latest AMD driver? I have updated my BIOS but still the probem cannot solve. 

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