I know there are a few other threads about this but they’ve either got solutions that don’t work or they’re being ignored. 

Like others I have a thinkpad e570 and have a warning from MS that the TPM chip firmware needs updating. MS Security Centre links me through to Lenovo support page which is a long and cumbersome page padded out with huge device lists but essentially says that I should first update my bios and then update the TPM. 

I have updated the bios successfully but when updating the TPM from 7.61 to 7.62 it claims success and that I should reboot, during the reboot an erorr "invalid TPM firware found" is flashed on the screen. At that point the Pc restarts to windows as normal and I still have TPM 7.61 and the security centre alert. 


How can I resolve this stalemate and update the TPM firmware?



Y700-15ISK Ideapad Screen Bubbles

There are air pockets at the top and bottom right of my screen. I do not take my laptop out of the house and only use it in a cool environment. Any ideas what may be causing this?

Ideapad 320S connection to usb-c hdmi port issue

I have a lenovo ideapad 320S which i have paired with a lenovo usb-c hub (C106 model), I have searched online for a possible driver but found nothing, I have also tried a generic usb to hdmi adapter which also didn’t work.


Starting to think the laptop doesn’t support more than one monitor.


Anyone have any solutions for this? I need to be able to connect to two monitors for work. 



Yoga 920 Hotkeys, Lenovo Settings, Vantage



this is a solution I thought I’d just share so others can find it, if needed. I wanted to toggle the hotkey functionality on my 920-13IKB (so function keys would work without the Fn button and the hotkeys with Fn button) but couldn´t find a way to do so. BIOS (5NCN38WW) did not provide that option and "Lenovo Settings" was not available on the PC and not as a download. Several support agents couldn’t give me a solution and after I’ve been told this was definitely in BIOS, I was told what I wanted was just not possible.


However, I eventually found out the Lenovo Settings features are now included in the "Lenovo Vantage" app which can be downloaded from the Microsoft store (possible without Microsoft ID albeit the suggestion to register does come up).



I can now toggle the hotkey functionality and the app also gives access to several other useful stuff (like checking for updates or showing the pen battery status).


TL;DR: Download the app "Lenovo Vantage" from Microsoft store to toggle hotkey functionality.


HTH, regards.

Lenovo EMC px12-350r

Please supply me with a hard drive compatability list for this device.

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