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Hello! My laptop is Lenovo Yoga. Seagate Backup Plus doesn’t show up in the hard drive once it is connected with the laptop. But it works with other computers. Could you show me how to see portable drive in Yoga?

Please solve my problem…

My lenovo think pad R61’s Wi-Fi and bluetooth isn’t working.I have on its switch an press fn+f5 but light doesn’t glow on pannel. Kindly solve it.

ThinkPad P50: On-screen display not working.

Hi, new here! My OSD for volume and brightness doesn’t work. I have looked all over and re-installing drivers doesn’t seem to do it. Please help. 



Yoga 720 with Hardware Issues and Non-responsive Tech Support

Hello Everyone,


I have spent a bit of time browsing these forums looking for answers to my solutions. All of these issues have cropped up in other posts and it appears none have really been solved. I will discuss what my issues are and what my current work-arounds are.


1: Sticky Touch Screen: The touch screen occasionally (once per week-ish) will get the sensor "stuck" in the top corner. At first it appeared similar to the Microsoft/Wacom-issue that no-one is in a hurry to fix. But first I changed my touch settings to show the dot where it is being pushed. Next time the issue happened, it took two restarts, but then I just disabled the touchscreen completely in device manager. Not a great solution since I bought this because it was a convertible.

2: Bad WiFi Adapter: I have updated and re-installed drivers but the Wifi adapter is just plain crappy compared to other computers in my business and household. About 2 times a day the adapter will just turn off, or disable itself. Sometimes I can disable and reenable in device manager and sometimes I have to restart. 


3: Occasional glitchy screen and less occasional random shutdown: Once a month (bought this in Aug 17) the computer will exhibit even more bizarre glitchy behavior like shut down, freeze or screen glitch. 


To me it seems my issues are hardware related, since theres more than 1 issue, I am guessing motherboard (what are the chances of a good motherboard and bad ethernet adapter, touchscreen and graphics (theres not even a dedicated graphics chip so we can rule that out).

Heres the catch and heres where I would appreciate advice (especially from a lenovo representative). I am a business owner in Tanzania (East Africa) and purchased this when visiting home in the States. My warranty is valid overseas, but there is no lenovo support numbers for Africa at all. If I try to set up a phone call online it will only allow valid US numbers. When I try to get an international number it tells me I bought it in the states. When I tried to open a support chat it said it was not available in my country. When I finally roped my father in and used his phone number, they called once, he missed it and new tries to have them call him have not worked.

Come on Lenovo… you are such a well known, stable, quality laptop provider for small businesses like me. It seemed like there wasn’t a better option for the price than this Yoga. If it worked correct I would be happy with this product. Help me out please!



W550s Webcam Not present

So i have had my laptop since mid  2015 and never used my webcam. Well a couple weeks ago i went to use it and it wont work,like its not installed .It tells me to "connect a camera".But on the top of my screen i have one built in lol… What should i do ..I took a screen shot of what it tells me.

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