I bought a Lenovo K8 Note from India. I’ve moved to the US after some days and for almost a year, had been using the LTE compatible sims of the US without any trouble. Recently I’ve moved over to North Carolina and I had to change my carrier for that. Unfortunately, the new sim isn’t working on my phone. I tried contacting the customer service of the carrier company but they couldn’t help me. What made me frustrated is that such a giant company like Lenovo doesn’t have good customer support for their smartphones. The service centers  mentioned in the Lenovo Help App aren’t helpful. DOES ANYBODY KNOW HOW CAN I MAKE MY PHONE 4G LTE COMPATIBLE AGAIN? 

ThinkPad P71 Win 10 64-bit Pro migrating / upgrading to Win 10 PRO for Workstations…

REFERENCE to mys laptop:

ThinkPad P71 – S/N xxxxx – Prod # 20HKCO1WW – Bios N1TET51W 1.25

my workstation P71 has currently the Windows 10 PRO 64-bit…
is this upgradeable (migrate) to Windows 10 PRO for Workstations?

if so, how and where to start — 
i alreaddy have the OS Windows 10 pro for workstations (a gift) 

and was here finding out how to begin…



Moderator comment: Serial number(s) removed to protect member from mischief.

Yoga 930 wifi dropping

I updated my system this morning and it did download an update to my wifi card.  It download RealTek WLAN Driver -10(64) V.2024.0.2.101.  


Now in the system logs it says, "

WLAN Extensibility Module has stopped.

Module Path: C:Windowssystem32Rtlihvs.dll"


Can I uninstall this driver to see if that would fix the issue?  If I can how would I go out doing that inside the device manager or no?


Also if I can uninstall it wont Windows 10 just reinstall it once I restart the computer?





Yoga C930 Glass – Very Hot

Hi All,


I got new laptop YOGA C93013IKB Glass 2 days ago, but I noticed that Laptop temperature is very high specially while charging or playing simple games like asphalt 9. 


I opened Lenovo vantage and downloaded the latest battery firmware and BIOS update but still I’m facing this issue.


Anyone can recommend a solution for this



Permanently Disable Broadcom Netxtreme on S20 running Win7

The onboard Broadcom NIC on my trusty old S20 running Win7 x64 died. I’ve replaced it with a PCI card that works fine.


The problem is that I’d like to disable/uninstall the Broadcom permanently. I disable it in the Device Manager, but every time I start my machine, Win7 reinstalls it.:smileyfrustrated:


Of course I’ve looked through Google, but I haven’t found anything that works.


Does anyone have a tip?


Thank you very much.

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