Upgrade X1C6 BIOS from 1.22 or don't poke the bear?

Everything seems to be running fine.  Temps between 50 and 70 C, both standalone and docked to TB3 Dock.  Anything in 1.25 that would suggest I should update?




X1C6 Positive Report!

I’m posting this for others considering this model.  I was cautious given all the complaints about heat, fan, throttling, TB3 Dock issues, etc., etc.


After several days setting it up and using it and one day with TB3 Dock connected, I have nothing but positive to report.  It came with 1.22 BIOS and I’m hesitant to update as no problems are evident.  I will ask in a separate thread about that.


Temps run between 50 and 70 Centigrade.  A bit warmer than my P50, but I guess still in normal range.  Fan does run, probably at lower speed.  I can’t hear it unless I put my ear close or feel the hot air coming out of the right side.  I am using only a single monitor connected to the TB3 Dock.  I tried using the laptop screen and the monitor as extended (dual monitors) and it worked fine.  I’m connecting the monitor to the Dock by HDMI. 


I ran the X1 at work yesterday on battery.  9:00am to 6:00pm and still had 30% left!  Moderate use.  I’m not always on the computer at work, but still….!


Anyway, I would have appreciated a post like this when I decided to take the risk and order one.  I know forums typically only have problems, but it looked like worse than usual.  I hope this is reassuring to someone.






WWAN, Cellular Toggle/drivers disappeared after first update.

Hi Everyone, 

I just bought an X1 Yoga (3rd gen.) with Fibocom LTE three days ago. I popped a T-mobile simcard and it worked after i restarted windows and said "T-mobile LTE" and all was fine and dandy for about 30 mins when updates needed to restart the system. i let the system restart, and the Cellular Toggle disappeared from the action center, and the "Network & internet" settings. I went to the device manager, and found three hidden drivers each in separate sections :

"Fibocom L-850GL" in the "Network Adapters" section."Cellular" in the "software devices" section. 

"Fibocom-FW" was in the "Firmware" section.

I tried to update, and rollback each and everyone of them, but nothing worked. I then uninstalled all of them (as advised on an online post in MS communities), but had no chance of finding them again after scanning for hardware changes. 

I downloaded the Fibocom WWAN driver from Lenovo’s website to manually install it, but that didn’t work either.

***note: when i read the included instructions file that was downloaded with the driver, it said "- Fixed an issue where L850-GL might be handled as removable device."……so i went to the "Bluetooth and other devices" in settings and found a device titled "XMM7360" and i knew it was the intel driver that was installed by the Fibocom driver. when i checked the properties and functions of the XMM7360, it said it was a "USB composite device, and a USB serial device (COM 3)."***

also, every couple of minutes, i keep hearing that sound when a usb gets plugged in or removed from a pc, so there might be a connection there.

I also :

tried resetting windows, but it didn’t work.contacted Lenovo’s TS, but they told me to return the device (i’m keeping this as a last option because i need the laptop as of the moment).contacted Microsoft support and they remote accessed my laptop, connected me with Level 2 tech support, who told me to download the Media creation tool and make a bootable ISO and clean install windows, which i did, but nothing worked.

what do i do ? thanks.

Y520 any upgrade-able parts?

Hi I tried looking for an answer for this when browsing the forum and I couldnt find a answer i was looking for so ill ask here, are there any upgradeable parts with the Lenovo y520?

I have the 

i5-7300HQ GTX 1050 2GB1TB

Can I upgrade parts like the graphics card storage or add an SSD?



Legion y520 dust filter

Hello there!


So far i have this leptop for around 3 months, no problems, very happy to have it. From time to time i see dust build on that filter(weekly), not a lot but it’s noticible. I don’t have any problems with cooling so far, i notice a noise increase by fans, but i would like to know if this model has that ,,micro dust filter” or not, and if not would be ,,wise” to put one?(I’m aware of possible heat increase since the air won’t cycle that easily, and of course i plan to clean the fans 😛 ).

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