RS160 – Internal Drive Bays – Where to purchase?

Recently we just bought a new RS160 (70TG) with the chassis designed to hold two 3.5" drive bay holders.


Unfortunately the holders didn’t come with the actual machine.


Despite finding what I think is the part number (either 00HV806 or 00HV924) on the support site I can’t find anywhere to order this part.


We’re in the UK, any assistance appreciated on where to source it!

SSD in Eraser X310



 I’m planning to upgrade my eraser and I want to install a SSD while I have the HDD installed. Is it possible to do so? Do I have enough space for that?



310-14IKB Laptop (ideapad) mouse cursor disappearing and calender not appearing

I don’t really know why but when something starts charging (i.e. webpage opening, start downloading…) the cursor disappears from the screen or points to a place where it is not (I click there but it really clicks some pixels below and sided).

 Also, when I click in the down right corner of the screen the calendar doesn’t appear.

Monitor for ThinkPad P51 with Ubuntu

I have ThinkPad P51 with Ubuntu 16.04 and I am looking for a monitor.

After trying to connect new ThinkVision monitor FullHD 1920×1080 it not worked fine since ThinkPad P51 use a 4K monitor.

Then I try with ThinkVision 2560px width, but also this not worked fine.


Always the scaling affect both monitor, so it make too smaller the thinkpad screen or the external monitor too large.


I read that I need to use the same monitor resolution.


I would like to know if I buy ThinkVision X1 which is 4K, can thinkpad support two 4k monitor?


Thank you for making the 6th gen X1 Carbon!

Just wanted to say thank you to Lenovo for making this incredible machine. I don’t often see positive posts on support forums, so I wanted to add my experience. 


I’ve had more computers than I can count in the last few years (13 and 15in touchbar MBPs, 12in Macbook, 14in Razer Blade, 13in Blade Stealth, Yoga 920, Spectre x360, MSI GS65 Stealth Thin, 5th gen x1 carbon etc) and this one trumps them all.


Everything from the keyboard, finish, lightweight but incredibly sturdy construction, silent cooling (especially when undervolted), trackpad, display, connectivity and performance are best in class.


As a software engineer, information security professional, and gamer it has been impossible to find a perfect machine. Well, paired with an eGPU this computer has ticked all the boxes.


All of my issues with the 5th gen carbon have been resolved. The trackpad is no longer garbage and the performance is where it needs to be.


If anyone is on the fence and needs a machine that can really do it all, I can highly recommend it. In the right hands, the 6th gen X1 carbon is truly a weapon. Lenovo has earned a returning customer!

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