New t480s Power Manager won't turn off display or go to sleep

I have a new t480s, bought last month. The power management does not turn off the screen/display after the specified amount of time. Also the laptop doesn’t go to sleep after the specified time either. 


I’ve already tried updating Lenovo PM to the latest version.


Is there anything else I can do or is this a known issue? 


Thank you!

Lenovo repair centre does not exist


I have a user in Madagascar who has a faulty Lenovo X270 laptop. It powers on for a few seconds then immediatly switches off, we have tried everything to fix it, but our IT support team are advising it will need to be repaired by Lenovo as it is still within warranty. 

The only problem is after I gave my colleagues in Madagascar the address for the Lenovo repair centre that shows on your website, they are advising that the place does not exist anymore… When they looked for it they advised there was a clothes store there instead. Calling the phone number has no response as well.

Is there another authorised Lenovo repair centre in Madagascar? They are in Antananarivo so it will ideally need to be within that city. 

The address in question is: 

Service Bureautique De Madagascar

Brand: 4, Rue Paul Rapatsalahy, B P 1029 Antananarivo 101, Antanimena Madagascar

Phone: 261-202-228-959

Offline DCSC, Data Center Solution Configurator, Daily Updates

Great news! Starting May 29th the offline DCSC will start receiving daily updates, like you are used to with the SSCT. You can elect to update or bypass, much like the SSCT. This has been put in place to better keep the offline DCSC in sync with the online DCSC.


If you have any questions, please let me know. Cheers.

Laptop doesn't wake up when opening lid

Hey, since updating to windows 10 1803 yesterday my x240 doesn’t wake up from sleep mode when opening the lid. Till now I could just send it to sleep and have it wake up just by opening the lid but now I have to press the power button. Though it still wakes up that way from energy saving. Is there any new setting I’ve missed or is there just a component that needs to be updated?

keeps pressing enter on its own ideapad 100-15IBD

the enter keeps pressing on its own. this is the second time it has happened but it doesnt happen often. I think the last time this has happened was about  6 months ago.


it is happening now as I am typing this and I’m using a different keyboard.



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