Lenovo ideapad 100S-can't type in any numbers in the password box ,cant login.

Hello ,

I am not able to login to my lenovo ideapad 100s , Windows 10 OS, S/N-#########. When I switch on my pc, it displays “Please wait” for a long time , say 5-7 minutes, then the login screen appears. But I cant type any nemeric or special characters. Only some alphabets are allowed. The power/wireless buttons on the screen appears, but nothing happens, if i click on it, or right click on it.  Kindly help.


Thank you.



Mod’s Edit: Serial number removed from public view to protect member from its unwanted use.

Machine Type Model  80R2001FUS



T540p: Keys t, y, backspace and LH shift not working off

Started my computer yesterday and then realised that Keys t, y, backspace and LH shift were not working. What could be the problem? 

Cramped keyboard on P72/P52 – what a disappointment!

My 4000 Euro P72 arrived finally, with a lot of delay. The machine seems to be as expected.


Except, the keyboard.

It is a major disappointment.


Although the machine is a hefty 3.5kg, and 41.5 cm wide, they managed to put this ackward keyboard with cramped keys on it.


Touch typing is a nighmare so far.


4 of the full size keys from the 10 that are assigned for the right small finger, near the enter, have been shrunk.


Theseare used extensively in many European languages. On the picture, this is a German keyboard, but I touch type in Hungarian, which has ő ú á ű on those keys, very frequently used.

I am hitting with the right small finger all the time the wrong keys, mostly inbetween, hitting two. How on Earth I am supposed to type with different finger distances among the keys?!


Right Alt (AltGr), which is also heavily used in many European languages, is also smaller, and Right Ctrl is also smaller.

However, there is clearly in the way a PrtScr button (they could have put there a right click button, but PrtScr?!).


Fn and Ctrl have been reveresed, which I could change back in settings, but it is such a pain in the evening when I just want to open my browser to full screen with F11 (which would be Fn+F11, but after the swap Ctrl+F11 on the keyboard). I always make the misake so far.


I have measured, there is EXACTLY 3 CM space on both sides of the keyboard.

Why they cramped the keys to be small, when there is so much space on both sides?


One of the deciding factors between a Dell Inspirion, and the Lenovo was to get a legendary typing experience of the ThinkPads. I just don’t know what to do, send it back, try to live with it, or what.


I was thinking maybe I can go to a smaller screen with the P52, but looking at the pictures on notebookcheck.net, I can see it has the same cramped keyboard design.


Another option would be again a smaller screen with the P1 or X1E, but then also the video card has to be downgraded to P1000 / GTX 1050, and the forum is full with the noise and coil-wine issues of the P1 and X1E, only to be improved with directly undervolting and repasting after purchase.


Any suggestions for a decent 17" machine, with full sized-key keyboard, and a dedicated video card?







problem with graphic card driver


i’m use winows 10 home and my graphic card was working so good but oneday i tried to update the driver but it didn’t work and my graphic card disappear from device manager after it i uninstalled the driver by ddu and tried to install the version that i was uesd befor but it didn’t work with me and i have contact with amd support to talk with them about the problem and the couldn’t help me 

and this all messages and the information about the problem

 i was using 18.2.1 adrenalin in winows 10











Can't call certain contacts

First, I’m well aware that the v4 app has a problem calling PSTN numbers.  It starts dialing, but then goes back to the home screen.  Even before that happens, I’m having a problem:

If I say "Hey Google, call", it says "Who do you wanna call?" and brings up three contacts on the screen. I scroll down and tap "Pick another contact", and it takes me to a long list of contacts.  But about a third of my contacts are missing.  I can find no pattern to which contacts are missing from this list.  They are all visible at contacts.google.com for the same account that is linked to this smart display and all have phone numbers, and I can call all of them from Hangouts or from my phone.  Also a few of the contacts are shown twice in the smart display list.

If I say "Hey Google, call [contact name]" for any of the contacts that were missing from the list, it says "Looks like there’s no phone number for that contact.".  But there absolutely are phone numbers for those contacts in my Google account.

Just a sliver of that "Pick another contact" button is briefly visible at the bottom of the screen, and is then pushed off the bottom of the screen, where it can only be accessed by scrolling.  It would be a lot nicer if that button were visible the whole time. There’s certainly room on the screen.

More bugs:

If I say "Hey Google, show me my contacts" it says "I can access your contacts to make calls for you if you turn on personal results in the Google Home app.  On the Home tab, tap the speaker or smart display you want to use.  Then at the top of the screen, tap settings.  Scroll down and turn on personal results."  Of course I have already turned on personal results yet it still tells me to do it.

If I turn off personal results and say "Hey Google, call", it still brings up (some) of my contacts, even though that’s only supposed to happen with personal results turned on.

If I turn off personal results and say "Hey Google, call" and VoiceMatch doesn’t recognize the voice as mine, it still brings up (some) of my contacts, even though that’s only supposed to happen when VoiceMatch recognizes my voice.

Device: Lenovo Smart Display 8"
System firmware version: OIM3.180907.038
Cast firmware version: 1.3614047
App version: 4.41.16?prod.
Language: English
Country: US

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