Is the GTX 1070 able to work with the ThinkCentre M92p?

I would like to upgrade my GTX 960 to a 1070. My concern is if the motherboard can support a GTX 1070. I have already replaced the power supply so that is not an issue. Just would like to verify before I make a purchase.


Lenovo k6 power speaker issue



Iam using lenovo k6 power mobile. Its not under the warranty. When i on any video or any file that contains audio involving the speaker there is some unwanted sound coming out and the speaker is making a whistle like sound. plz respond

T580 and yoga x1 gen3 driver meltdown

My help desk staff have imaged several of both the above mentioned laptops over the last couple days with Windows 10 1803 and the builds have completely melted down.  Black screens and extremely slow performance, even in safemode!


Imaging the machines again did nothing. We discovered today that is we do not run Lenovo system update after the imaging the meltdown doesn’t happen.  We haven’t tried narrowing down the offending update yet. Curious if there’s any known problematic updates on they last week or two. Thanks.

Ideapad 330s 15IKB SSD addition

Hi Community,


I recently purchased an Ideapad 330 – 15IKB Touch, Model  81DJ0004US. I am wondering what kind of SSD I can add to this laptop.


Thanks in advance.


T440p – Win7x64 driver for Intel 7260 will not install on fresh windows installation

I recently reinstalled windows on a brand new SSD in my T440p, I noticed that there is no recognition of my Intel 7260 wifi card, however it recognizes the bluetooth portion of it and shows it as the only connection avaliable in my Network Settings.


When I try to install the driver from nz0wh07w_64.exe, it extracts it and asks me to install it, I click OK and the hour glass appears next to the mouse cursor for maybe half a second, then nothing happens for as long as I leave the laptop on and undisturbed. 

I have tried both installing it by just double clicking and navigating through the setup wizard, and also running the exe as an administrator, I get the same result with both methods.

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