India – Vodafone & Airtel Volte Update K8

Team we need OTA update to support India – Vodafone & Airtel Volte feature.

When can we receive same.

T580 BIOS Update 1.22 breaks Thunderbolt

Hi all,


I have a Thinkpad T580 and a Thunderbolt 3 Dock Gen2. It worked fine until now.

I updated the Dock Firmware, and everything worked. I updated the BIOS from 1.21 to 1.22, and Thunderbolt is not working anymore.


Were I work we have many Lenovo Laptops and Docks. I tried another Dock, but the thunderbolt software does not show a connected device.


I reflashed the 1.21 BIOS version, but thunderbolt stays broken. How could that happen?

I even set the Thunderbolt Security to "no Security" in BIOS, thinking it might have broke security, but no, does not work.


When I plug it into USB-C it works, of course. But this way I only have 10GBit/s for everything, not 40Gbit/s like with Thunderbolt. That means not all of my monitors do work and bandwidth is limited.


Any ideas how to remedy the situation?





Lenovo Y700 Novo and power button not working when trying to turn it on.

I’ve got a Lenovo Y700 that wont turn on via the power button. When this issue started, it seemed Ias if the machine was dead, packed away the laptop, but one random day, I press the button and it turns on! I decide to remove some dust, apply new cooling paste and screw the backlit on properly, and suddenly the power button does not work again!

I can boot the PC by disconnecting the battery, tapping the power button, then reconnecting the battery or the power adapter. 

When the PC is booted, it still refuses to react to tapping the power button, but long-pressing it works, and it shuts down!!

The Novo button is also unresponsive.

Anyone know ANY solutions to this? I’m close to just soldering on a new power button!

I really don't know how ppl get an OTA update 11.0.257 with Lenovo Z6 Pro

When I check for system updates, it shows none available. Somebody can help? I got a Global ROM

Cant install fine windows in my Y720-15lbk

Hi all.. 

I have lenovo Y720-15lbk 7700hq, the windows 10 updated to 2019 july version then the windows fault and could not be opened. 

Now i install the last version of windows from the Microsoft website usb ureation media then i convert the gpt to mbr "nvme ssd" then install it but the memory fault and budcheck stop workong the windows. The re install the 1803 version of windows 10, and still the memory problem in lenovo vantage and memory diagnostic same as memory problems. Yestarday i sent the laptop to the maintenance they told me windows problems not completed files, and returned it at the night they installed a new version of windows. After an ahour it bring the bugcheck with memory management, i updated the windows and then using the drivereasy to update the drivers the memory diagnostic give me no problem but the lenovo vantage give me problems with memory, and still the bugcheck blue screen seemed with various fault code.

Please advice and help to have the fine windows ..



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