External displays only connect on at a time

I’ve been using my ProDock for well over 9 months with two displays connect to it.

For some reason, I’ve always been forced to limit myself to one VGA connected display and one connected via HDMI or DisplayPort.


Now today for some reason, it suddenly will only connect one at a time.

The moment I connect the second display, they both turn off.


If I connect one of them to the dock, that monitor will work fine with the laptop.

Did some update roll out or what is happening here?

No audio from TV when connected to TS140 tower



I have a TS140 tower…no HDMI port.  I am connected to my Westinghouse tv for a monitor via VGA and have downloaded two different audio drivers but still no sound.  Any help here appreciated!

No update for pro version!?!?!

Why is there no update for the Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus but an update for the normal version?!?! It just doesn’t give any sense!

Thinkpad X260 charging scheme

Hi all!

Can anyone tel me if this is standar behaviour, please?

My X260, when charging, starts charging internal battery to 80%, then it charges external battery to 100% and only then goes back charging internal battery from 80  to 100%.


Thanks in advance for your input.



Stop all enew from Lenovo

I have a question :

how can i stop receiving any enew or email from lenovo ? i dont want to receive any of them from lenovo any more 



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