Color saturation Lenovo Tab 4 10

Hola. Ayer compré una Lenovo tab4 10, pero veo que tiene poca saturación del color y que los rojos tienden al naranja. No tengo opción de ajustar el tono de color, solo viene la opción de brillo en la pantalla, hay alguna app que me quede con esto? Mil gracias



[Help] Y520 Integrated Graphic Card Conflicts with Changed Screen



I changed my screen last year, but after that, my screen sometimes freezes until I shut down the screen and reboot it. When it happens I can still hear the sound being played, and mouse clicking still works. If I disable the integrated graphics card in device manager and run the nvdia one only this never happens. I have also tried to update all the drivers but it does not work out. How should I deal with it? The screen is B156HAN04.3.





Persistent BSoD on new Y7000

I have had this laptop for about six weeks; I keep getting a BSoD with the error Memory Management. I thought it was due to a Windows update but it keeps happening; about 3x per week. It has happened since the first week, prior to programs being loaded. 


I am a business user — no games — so am not using a ton of resource. BSoD happens when a) I am away from my laptop, having left several Chrome windows open or b) I am surfing the internet and no other programs are active. 


Thinking about returning it but  I do like the specs. I am not, however, interested in a wild goose chase for troubleshooting. Willing to try a few things but I don’t have a lot of time to dig deep. 


What is your best advice? 



Message: This app may not be optimized for your device

he adquirido una tabley Yoga 3 8¨ y cuando intento descargar app en un buen numero de ellas aparece “es posible que esta app no está optimizada para tu dispositivo” quisiera saber como solucionar este problema 


I have purchased a tabley Yoga 3 8¨ and when I try to download the app in a good number of them it appears “it is possible that this app is not optimized for your device” I would like to know how to solve this problem 

Lenovo K8 Note bad network signal

Hi, I have  Network problem with my Lenovo K8 Note, the actual problem is with the 4g , other phones have better Network then this phone and before this phone I have Hawaii which also have better Network at the exact same location and same spot I am also facing the same issue. Network is very inconsistent. Also there is no option to automatically switch network (i.e 4g to 3g to 2g) if 4g network not available. Very inconvenient.







so pls rply I have attached images – real signal of lenovo k8 note i have Vodafone and Etisalat egypt both of them  have bad signal network pls help me.

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