X3630 M4 7158 Firmware update

Hi all,


Apology if this sounds amateur. Would like to check the firmware to be updated via IMM2 ethernet interface from the web console, do I have to shutdown the server running Windows server 2012 first.






Yoga book 128GB Windows – Slot for SD card


I am interesting in the Windows version of the Yoga book with ROM: 128GB. I cannot figure out if there are a slot for a SD card or not (to be used as an memory extension). Could you please help me being sure about this fact. Thank you in advance for you help. Heidy 

Lenovo Ideapad 720 and battery wear level

Hello. I have question. A few days ago I bought the Lenovo Idepadad 720 laptop. It’s great, but one thing worries me. I downloaded HWMonitor and Aida64. When I looked at battery wear level, I saw, that it’s 12%. 

Designed capacity: 45000 mWh

Full charge capacity: 40000 mWh

Is it normal? I have had this laptop for 3 days. 

Lenovo z570 (1024) WIFI Driver – Windows 10 !

Idid not find the driver for Windows 10. 

 With drivers from Windows, the file does not work stably.

It is always impossible to connect to the network, although the password is 100% correct


DEV –  ven_168c&dev_002b&subsys_30a117aa

SSD limitation for X220

Hi folks,


I just upgraded my X220 4291-36G (i7-2620M) to 16GB of RAM with the support I was given in this forum !

thanks so much, this is great.


Now I want to replace the existing HDD 320GB with a new SSD drive.

I know I must take a 7mm in high, 2.5".


But I was wondering if there is a limitation in GB size to which SDD I can install.

Actually there are SSD’s to 4TB .. (but 4TB are too expensive at the moment…)


Are there any recommendations to what is the best (or which runs best on an X220) ?


What about this types: does anybody uses them into an X220 ? 

This are all 2TB models:


– Sandisk SDSSDH3-2T00-G25 

– Crucial CT2050MX300SSD1  

– Crucial CT2000MX500SSD1 

– WD Blue 3D NAND – WDS200T2B0A

– Samsung 850 EVO Basic MZ-75E2T0B/EU 

– Samsung 860 EVO Basic MZ-76E2T0B/EU 


any help is very appreciated.

Many thanks again !!!


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