Which one is powerful

Hellio p23 or p25 which one powerful in performance

Reset to factory settings lenovo t440p

how can I reset my laptop to factory defaults?

i tried different forums but no luck, most of them recommend using lenovo recovery disk. 

Will Lenovo hold the refund forever?

About three months ago, I bought a Thinkpad Carbon x1 gen 6 which is a really decent but expensive laptop (1700$). However, because of the noticeable scratch on the edge, I decided to get a replacement. One and a half months after the defective laptop shipped to the NC return center, the new machine was still in the process, so I did not want to wait anymore and asked for the refund on July 11. It is already Aug 23 and the refund was still held by Lenovo. During this month, I have already contacted 5 reps through chat and almost all of them told me that my case was set to the highest priority and the management department would contact me and give me an update. All of them said the update would be sent to my email in 24 to 48 hours but I did not get any s hit. Yesterday, I contacted another rep and he said the refund would show in my account within that day, but I still get nothing. IT IS ALREADY ONE MONTH LENOVO!!!!!! YOU ARE GOING TO HOLD THE REFUND FOREVER?????

It seems like the customer support from Lenovo has a set of ‘strategy’. They first said that your case is set as the highest priority then found a ‘solution’ to give you a runaround. ‘Somebody’ from the management would finally contact you. HOW U DEFINE FINALLY? FOREVER?

Is anyone in the same situation? Does anyone know how to solve this? Thanks!

P72 Thermal Throttoling

Does anyone here know chasis of P72 was redesigned or are they re-using same chasis and stuff p5200 and 6 cores xeon & hope it won’t catch fire? I am tired of my P71 getting super hot on botttm by just setting on a flat desk surface (not enough clearlance for air movement on bottom cover).



y520 Idle CPU Temps

I dont know much about CPU technology or any technology regarding laptops and such. But I want to ask if these CPU idle temps that I got from downloading HWinfo is normal because I need a second opinion on whether or not I should get the heatsink and the thermal paste on the CPU and probably the GPU checked because it was recently opened by the lenovo service center in UAE to replace the keyboard deck. 

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