W700 RAID 0 Unknow Disks

I am a data recovery engineer and have a clients W700ds with a failed RAID 0 drive. I can get the data back for the client by building the RAID externally with software, but the client has a massive amount of software on the laptop he does not want to lose, so we are trying to get the Laptop to boot. Both drives have been cloned successfully, but on installing the clones I get an ‘unknown disk’ warning. I presume this is because the drives serial numbers are different to the drives meta data for the original drives.


The system recognizes there is a RAID there because if I try to create a new RAID the error message says there is no room to create a new RAID (the RAID 0 volume was the entire disk size), but does not show the RAID volume as a defined RAID. Is there a way fo force the RAID to either boot or to ignore the ‘unknown disks’?

G700 Type 80AG Bios Update – Error: Invaild firmware image



Bei meinen G700 Type 80AG dauert das Starten ab und zu sehr lange. Direkt nach den einschalten bleibt der Bildschirm teilweise 2 min schwarz bis dann der Bootvorgang beginnt. (Auch wenn ich den Recovery Knopf drücke dauert es ca. 3-4 Minuten bis die Auswahld fürs Bios etc. kommt.

Ab und zu dauert es nur ein paar Sekunden. (Akku/Netzteil+CMOS Batterie) raus haben nix gebracht. Auch Secured Boot Dis/En bringt nix….


Jetzt versuche ich das Bios zu Updaten Installiert ist 7ACN28WW updaten möchte ich auf 7ACN89WW.

Bricht jedoch jedesmal ab mit Error: Invaild firmware image. Die Software am PC sagt das bios passt.


im Anhang bilder dazu

yoga 900 fans running contantly

I have bought a used yoga 900 yoga whic was ok until Lenovo did some auto update including energy management. NOT the fans runs constantly even when CPU temp is below 40C and they also run immediately on boot before the OS even loads .


Can anyone tell me how to get contrl back over the fans. They used to only kick in above 50C no all the time never stop which is a JOKE!!! Thanks

Missing MIB File "FCMGMT-MIB"

Hello! I download the mib file for my DS2200 to be used with PRTG, our network monitoring software from Paessler. However when trying to import this custom MIB to PRTG there is an error messgae that PRTG (Paessler) support is stating that this MIB is looking for another MIB file referencing "FCMGMT-MIB". Any advice to offer on this?

Legion y7000 Maximum Storage for HD or SSD?

I recently purchased the Legion Y7000 with 512GB onboard nvme SSD but want to add to the open 2.5" Sata storage slot.  What is the maximum amount of storage I can add? 

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