Upgraded ram on t470s – is my warranty voided?

I upgraded my ram on my t470s 

is my warranty voided?


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Lenovo K8 Plus shuts down on itself afer oreo update even in safe mode.

adjustments for pen and touch do not work x380 yoga

Hi, Any one here who can help me solve this problem? I cannot reach the setting for touch and pen. As you can see in the picture the "configure (instellen)" option is not available, and even so are the options for "calibration (Kalibreren)" and to "adjust again"(opnieuw instellen) not accessible.

I already have installed the latest versions of drivers and this morging I installed the latest BIOS via System update. Sadly without any results.

It appears that when I want to use use my laptop in tablet mode, the touchscreen doesn’t react on mij touching the screen. Even so the pen does not react to any action on the screen. 

Appreciate any help.

V110-15AST RAM and SSD Upgrade

Just sharing my upgrade information on the Lenovo V110-15AST with AMD CPU, in case anyone else decides to use (or already has used) the components. So far it appears to be running well.


Upgraded from 4GiB to 12GiB using the following:


Crucial CT8G4SFD824A 8 GB (DDR4, 2400 MT/s, PC4-19200, DRx8, SODIMM, 260-Pin) Memory (this adds 8GiB to the existing internal 4GiB)



Upgraded internal from previous SATA hard drive using the following SSD drive:


Crucial MX500 CT1000MX500SSD1(Z) 1 TB Internal SSD (3D NAND, SATA, 2.5 Inch)


Windows now boots within 20 seconds! May perform some memory and hard drive tests to be sure. I’ve seen the internal RAM clocks at 2133, but I think that the additional RAM clocks at 2400 but clocks down to the speed of the internal memory.


V330-15IKB Laptop graphics card upgrade

I am a DJ and I am getting in to DJing video. I would like to upgrade the graphics card on my V330-15IKB Laptop I was wondering what one would fit in my laptop? Thank you for your time.

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