Thinkpad P51s with Thunderbolt 3 Docking Station 6-Bit Color Depth?


so i ran into a problem at work with a notebook from an user.
She has the Thinkpad P51s with a Thunderbolt 3 Docking Station and 2x Dell U2717D.
If one of the two monitors is connected via HDMI to the Notebook directly, the bit depth is at 8-Bit.

If the 2nd monitor is connected via DP to the Dock, the bit depth drops to 6-Bit, which i can’t change. 
The 6-Bit creates a horrible banding, especially in photoshop with color gradients you can see the banding in full effect.
Firmware for the dock is up to date.

Anyone else ran into this issue?

vibe P1c58 android upgrade

does anyone know how to upgrade this unupgadeble phone (i have 5.1.1)

The Think BIOS Config tool !

Dear community I would like to show you

The Think BIOS Config tool:


I think that will make many things easier for you….



This script is shared AS IS with no implied warranty or support. 

Lenovo Ideapad 520 (151KB) Missing M.2 slot on motherboard

Hey guys I recently was looking into installing an ssd into my laptops m.2 slot. I didnt want to use the hard drive caddy technique because the speeds of sata are inferior as compared to the M.2 slot. The hardware maintenance manual shows an m.2 slot under "storage". (Picture attached)


I opened up my laptop to check if the slot is available or not. To my surprise the slot is not even soldered in!! (Picture attached) There is a screw hole for the m.2 slot and there are pads on the board but no connector. Really cheap of Lenovo!! I am quite profiecient at soldering and I can easily source the slot and solder it in. But i have a number of questions to ask:


1. Will soldering an m.2 slot do the trick? Is there any other circuitry I need to solder? I found a link where a guy had to solder some capacitors to enable the m.2 slot to work. He also had to flash a custom bios (  )


2. Will I need to flash a custom bios for the pc to detect the slot?


3. What key is the slot I have to install? B key or C key or any other


The laptop model is Lenovo Ideapad 520 151KB type 81BF


The product support page is:


Hardware maintenance manual:



X1 Carbon screen problem after BIOS upgrade

this is what happened after i upgrade the BIOS

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