i just try to set up a new v3700 v2 on firmware level with two ESXi Hosts installed on 5.5 U3 with latest updates.

No matter what i do, only the LUN with SCSI ID 0 is found by the servers. Other luns are not visible.



HP DL360 Gen9

HPE H241 HBA (Firmware was 6.6.0, now downgraded to 6.0.6)

Driver: scsi-hpsa HPE VMwareCertified 2018-08-16


I played around with HBA firmware and drivers and sticked to the setup above, because it is listed as supported by VMWare.


When dismounting SCSI ID 0 and presenting another LUN which was not visible it becomes available.


Any idea what could cause the problem? I have no idea.


Thanks in advance!


Receiver and mic not working in k8 plus

My phone rings when it gets a call or notification but speaker not working while hearing an audio or watching videos . speaker and mics are working in loud speaker mode not in Normal mode


Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro touchscreen right-click doesn't work… how do I get it to work?

It’s supposed to work with keeping finger on item some time, then release after that (it will open menu or just right-click). That doesn’t work.


It spoils all of the touch screen mode experience. (Surfing Youtube, for example)


How do I get it to work? Please note that some areas it works, some it doesn’t (e.g., on this website and on Youtube and on Facebook, it doesn’t). Please answer.


EDIT: It is the Chrome browser. Any idea how I can fix that?

Hey my Lenovo vantage lighting settings wont work

Legion T530 tower, I have the red led panel on the front of the pc, i want to turn in off but changing the settings in vantage wont work. what to do ?

How to Disable Optimus

I have Lenovo P50 Laptop with 64Gb of memory, I also have a Quadro M2000M video installed.  I’m running a Linux OS on the machine.  I’m trying to install Nvidia Video Drivers to used in the Linux OS, I’m able to load the drivers however when I reboot the system hangs at startup.  


Working with Nvidia I’ve discovered the the problem is within my system BIOS.  Because of the Optimus feature in the BIOS the video drivers won’t load.  


Is is there any way to disable Optimus?  Is there a BIOS upgrade that allows Optimus to be disable? 



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