Ideapad 320s 13ikb flicker screen

Hello everyone 


I have issue with my screen most times flickering when i change position for screen flickering goes 


Please can anyone help to solve this issue 


Thank you 



ThinkPad X1 Extreme Linux Fingerprint Drivers?

I have recently bought a Thinkpad X1 Exteme and it is running Pop!_OS 18.10. I was hoping the find a linux driver for the finger print reader. Lenovo only seems to have wWindows drivers listed. Is there any plan to release Linux drivers by any chance? Or third party drivers that may work?



"refurbished" yoga 3 – "Can't connect to google server"

I recieved a "factory Refurbished" yoga tab 3 (from EBay).

I can access the internet, but nothing google related.

When use play store, I get messages "there was a problem communicating with google servers, try again later"

similar issues when attempting to login to google account or setup google acount.

ThinkCenter: connecting to Samsung Smart TV with HDMI (DP, DVI input explained, scaling display)

The manual makes no reference to a DVI connection (only DisplayPort and VGA) .

Does that mean I cannot connect my Lenovo desktop (ThinkCentre M81,model E1U)

to a monitor that only uses DVI?





Mod:  edited the Subject line to add system and TV type, and clarify the problem description


At 330S 15ARR Ryzen7, how can it manage battery in intelligent way???



I bought lenovo laptop for the 1st time in my life.

I’m qiute satisfied with it, blizzard white color nice, speed good, back light key fantastic.

But, as I’ve known issues about prolong battery life, I downloaded LENOVO VANTAGE and installed it in my laptop.


Then, I tried to set battery charging limite up to 50%, nevertheless there was a saying something like "your laptop manage battery automatically so you don’t need battery conservation mode any more"


Forall under the conditions like above automatic battery management my laptop charges battery fully 100%.

What’s going on there??? Is this normal? That 100% means actully 99% or something like 60%?


Would you kindly answer me? Do I need to do something to fix the issue or just leave it away is ok?

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