Ideapad 320 – 15IKB RAM upgrade?

Hello Friends


I need a information regarding RAM upgrade for my laptop  (Lenovo Ideapad 320 15ikb). Now my laptop is running 8gb ram in dedicated slots That means Single 4Gb RAM in each slot (4gb+4gb=8gb total). I am thinking to upgrade my RAM into 16gb. Actually I need to know is it possible to use a single 16gb RAM for my laptop or otherways need to buy two 8gb RAMs. Pleas Help me to solve this


These NVME connectors on the board, how do I use them, what do I need to buy, looking for the fastest performance storage option with this ThinkSystem SR650 and its new to me…


Now that I already have these NVME SSD drives that wont work with the M.2 Mirroring Kit since they have to use the SATA interface..?, I am wondering if I can still use them on this SR650?? Maybe by way of an enclosure and the NVME connector interfaces on the board?

PX12-450R Disk Space

Good Afternoon All,
 We are currently running into a disk space issue on our PX12-450R, please note before answering the below this device is already fully stocked with HDD’s and all are currently apart of the RAID6

1. Is there a compatible DAS?

2. Or can we replace the HDD’s with larger ones without loosing data? replace one at a time and wait for the rebuild to finish before replacing the next?



ThinkSystem M.2 with Mirroring Enablement Kit

The ThinkSystem M.2 with Mirroring Enablement Kit is not detecting my SSD drives in xClarity Admin, what am I doing wrong?

Function keys and touchpad scrolling on 710

I’m currently very old school and still using a decade old ThinkPad T400 but am considering upgrading to a second hand Yoga 710. A couple of questions:


1. Can I still use legacy shortcuts with the F keys like Alt+F4, F5 for refresh, etc without pressing the "Fn" button? I know it’s just one button – but my brain isn’t used to that. Since Windows 98, I’ve been using these shortcuts.


2. Can I use one finger to scoll pages using the touchpad like my T400? There’s a dedicated scrolling section on the right and bottom of the touchpad for horizontal and vertical scrolling. I don’t like to use two fingers to scroll as I have arthritis and it’s very hard to do so.


Thanks in advance!

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