[ideacentre AIO 520-24ARR] Any way to adjust monitor brightness and volume while using HDMI in?



Recently I bought the ideacentre AIO 520-24ARR and noticed that it includes a HDMI in port. However, when the computer switches to "monitor mode" after plugging in an HDMI cable into the port, both the brightness and volume are at their highest level and there does not seem to be any possible way to adjust them (I’ve literally spent several days googling and got nowhere). So I’m wondering if there just simply isn’t a way to do it or if there’s a hidden method I haven’t heard of yet (whether it be within the OS/hardware or the use of other software). I’d like to use the monitor mode for game consoles (which usually don’t include options to adjust such settings assuming you’d already have control over them through the display device).


Thanks in advance.

X280 touchpad and trackpoint disabled when mouse connected

I have a new X280. According to my Windows settings Touchpad and trackpoint should be left enabled when a mouse is connected, still when I connect a mouse they et diabled immediately.


What I realized as an extra symptom is that after a clear boot both mouse and touchpad and trackpoint are active on the login screen. About 2-4 secs after login touchpad and trackpoint get disabled again.


Anybody else have had this problem earlier?


I have Win 10 Version 1830 (Build 17134..471) with latest touchpad and trackpoint drivers and firmwares.




Best regards,


Upgrade Lenovo X1 5th Gen HD from 500GB to 1 TB?

I have a 5th gen X1.  HD serial number 5359NB0J710220; model # MZVLW512HMUP-000L7.  Which model SSD can I buy to swap this out for a 1TB size drive?


FRU: 00UP648, Lenovo SSD M.2 PCIe NVMe FRU SSD 1TB RoHS Toshiba M.2 XG5 1TB OPAL 2.0?



X280 cursor jumping around while typing

I have a new X280. Whenever I connect a mouse my trackpoint and touchpad get automatically disabled. While the mouse is connected and I type on the laptop’s keyboard, my cursor jums and clicks around, however I don’t touch the mouse or the touchscreen (touchpad and trackpoint are still disabled).


What I realized that the symptoms stop when I disable the touchscreen. Anybody else have had this problem earlier?


I have Win 10 Version 1830 (Build 17134..471) with latest touchpad and trackpoint drivers and firmwares.




Best regards,


Lenovo Legion y520 speakers sound muffled and quiet

Hello! I need help and advice. My Laptop LENOVO Legion Y520-15IKBN  (Intel® Core™ i5-7300HQ Processor (3M Cache, up to 3.5 GHz), 15.6" IPS Full HD, 8GB, 1TB, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 4GB) started sounding really bad yesterday. I was playing games and I had my heaphones on, everything was alright until i unplugged the headphones, my laptop suddenly started to sound really weird? it’s a subtle change yet it’s there. I used to always have the volume on 50 or even 40 because it was enough for me but now if i keep it on 50 it’s too quiet for me to hear clearly. Also, when i turn the volume on highest it sounds slightly cracky. I’ve had the laptop for about 7 months only. I searched the internet for solutions and I did everything i could, update the sound driver, uninstall and install again, disabled audio enhancements, turned the dolby audio on (it didnt do anything), restarted my laptop, I even installed a previous version of realtek high definition audio but nothing worked. I do have a warranty, should i go back to the store i bought it from, maybe they could replace or repair it? It is not a big change in the audio but it’s annoying and frustrating because it used to sound decent but now.. it’s like listening to a radio almost. Also, i’ve noticed that when i look at my "about" tab in my settings, it says i have 2.50 GHz, yet i’m sure i bought it with 3.5.. i’m really frustrated. Thank you

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