Bluetooth headset volume control (and quality)


I have problem with my Android Car Bluetooth loudspeeker (it’s based on Android 4.4.2).

I cannot control bluetooth calls volume. Vol+ and Vol- buttons and moving volume slider doesn’t change anything. It’s very loud and humming. Hard to understand caller’s voice.


Before Lenovo P2 i used huawei P9 lite and it worked flawlessly.

In other hand Lenovo P2 wih my BT earphone is working almost fine – volume control works ok, but sound is still humming.


I tried to turn on "Disable absolute volume" in Developer options but without success (nothing changed).


I’m on S251 sompilation.

X1 Yoga Stylus not working in a program

Hi there,

so I am a teacher and use the yoga (2nd generation) for my online teaching. We use the program Moodle to which the students submit their work for grading. Within this, I have the ability to type on their work, circle items etc. In Sept, I was able to use the stylus to write (helpful with math) but something changed in late fall and now when I use the stylus, it drags the screen over, similar to what a hand would do. It then can move the screen over and reveals another page behind it (ghost screen). The mouse works as a pen but as you know, isn’t the easiest to write with etc. 


I am hoping that there is an answer as to why the stylus is not treated like a pen. All the updates have been done and in other programs, the stylus works fine. 


thank you


Lenovo k8 note, oreo Network issue

Hi, I have same N/W problem with my Lenovo K8 Note, the actual problem is with the 3g /4g , other phones have better n/w then this phone and before this phone I have Hawaii which also have better N/W at the exact same location and same spot, so pls rply that it is a software issue or hardware, I have attached images – real signal of lenovo k8 note i have Vodafone and Etisalat egypt both of them  have bad signal network pls help me
















Touchpad issue after Windows update

Just had to run a major Windows update on my U31-70 notebook. While USB mouse and keyboard work well, touchpad and keyboard on the Notebook do not work any more. Failure note: Alps_SetMouseMonitor Error. How to solve?

Lenovo Flex 14 – audio

So whenever I plug in headphones or earphones, my laptop never recognizes it as "headphones", it simply recognizes as the standard speaker audio. Is there any way to fix this so I don’t have to constantly change my volume every time I plug in a pair of headphones/earphones? 


My laptop is a lenovo flex 14, it works great and the audio is fine; I just want to know how to do I get my laptop to recognize when I plug in headphones/earphones so the volume can be automatically adjusted. 

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