Are P5x and P7x series well supported?

Hi, still waiting for my first P series Thinkpad. In general, do individual users of P5x and P7x series  get good support from Lenovo? Do they update new BIOS and firmware often and quickly when things go wrong? As some of you may know, there was a big issue of updating the BIOS bricked the X1E and some users had to have their motherboard replaced.

Processor Upgrade

Hi my laptop ideapad 520-15ikb with processoer i7-8550U 8th Gen can i upgrade it to i7-8750H or not ??

Battery Drain Fast

Hi my laptop ideapad 520-15ikb the website meationed that the battery last 5 hours but when i use the laptop with lite duty it last 2 hours 2 hours 30 min somethimes 1 hours 50 min it so starange really it’s very bad battery by the way the laptop is new i’m always put my laptop on charge the problem is when i stay in a plane have no power can i upgrade the battery to somthing better or what any one have a solution ??

Terrible customer service – right from first order!!!!!

Usually I do not waste my time with awful reviews because they are not productive, but this experience has been just wow and since I have already wasted days on this issue, a few more minutes to post this (since Lenovo has no email address for customer service) seemed like a must do


The story

– ordered a laptop online with microsoft office etc

– Arrived as promised an EMPTY box with nothing in it.  Since the package is the actual box of the laptop which also shows the serial number and all pertinent details, seems only fair that between the warehouse and my house someone got themselves a new laptop.  Maybe its because the box is only closed with one sticker

-Called UPS and made a claim (apparently its normal for these to go missing)

-Call Lenovo which took an hr.  In addition to picture i sent them they even asked me to measure the box it came in. So they actually dont know how they ship?

– Was told it i would get a replacement and it would be fwd to whatever department and i would get an email confirmation.  My son needed the laptop for college, but I had a few days  so not to worry i could get it by Saturday before he takes off. 

– day after no email, i call and the person on the phone honestly was reading from a script and useful because the automated machines had more info

– second day no email, i call again and email the address i had to send the pictures, same story.  Useful customer service on the phone, telling me to wait for the email and there is no1 i can speak with that can solve this

– day 3, exact same story (by this time i felt like i got robbed having paid for something, with no product and info)

– then came the weekend (so no contact and i gave up)

– Monday again i called with same situation

– Monday night i get an email my product has been shipped and i will get it in 5 days!!!!!! How is it possible i got 2 day service in my original order an now its a week!!!

– PC finally arrived, but no info on microsoft office, so i called AGAIN,  I would get something in 24hrs.  

-finally got an email with the instructions on how to activate it, of course it did not work

-had to call microsoft, another 2hrs on the phone as Lenovo did not set it up as needed in the replacement machine.  Had to send them invoice proof of purchase and so on

– finally got the PC set up and all

– then this morning i get an email with the thanks for purchasing Office, here are the details of your purchase from Lenovo


Needless to say that email this morning made me do this post. 


How is it possible that an electronic company is SO AWFUL at getting out their products and then they honestly could not care less about customers.  Maybe the big bucks they make from corporate accounts, makes the regular person none existent.  Regardless given such a bad experience they should compensate customers.  My son went to college without a PC, i wasted SO much time and stressed over this. 


Its too bad tis will be my last time as they do have good PC, but i can not ever imagine having to deal with an issue with the PC down the road.  


Lenovo – you got to fix this, because i guarantee you there are hundreds of other customers just as dissatisfied, but by making this forum the only communication channel with you to be open, you have made a highly poor business decision in customer service. Many just give up on you and never tell you. 


X390 SCCM deploy with 40AH docking station (side dock)

Hi everyone, 

I am trying to deploy a X390 with our SCCM server. Since the X390 doesn’t have an RJ45 port and at the moment I don’t have any dongles I am using the RJ45 port on the 40AH docking station (aka side dock). I uploaded the driver packages for the T490 and the X390 on my SCCM server and added the Intel Ethernet Connection I217-LM driver to my boot file. When I try to deploy the image it passes the PXE and downloads the .wim file. But after that the blank MDT screen appears and after a short wile the machine reboots itself. I opened a cmd (FN+F8) and did an ipconfig /all, strangely the PC doesn’t have an IP address anymore.


Do I need to add more drivers in order to deploy using the docking station or am I missing some options in the BIOS?

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