Yoga Book C930: cheapest working back-up pen

Looking to get a back-up pen, may never use so cheapert the beter.  Any thoughts?

Yoga-Book Android – YB1-Battery draining

Hi all,

I have a problem with my Yoga book YB1 android charging, it has suddenly started not to take a full change and takes for ever to get to 99% (it justs hangs at 99%), and as soon as soon as I switch it on it isn’t able to keep charging fast enough its draining faster then it can charge, so unless someone can say oh that happened to mehere is what i done  i guess the battery is faulty ( I have tried serveral charges / leads and they all the same so its not the charger or the lead )


Anyway I have checked out the site and even using the repair shops site locator gadget I am unable to find any where to send it to for repair in the UK can anyone help please ?




ps I did try a full factory reset incase that would help so no bad apps causing the problem and it didnt help.

I have problem with my camera after update

Left controller disconnects

My left mixed reality controller always shows low power, with brand new rechargeables or alkaline. My right controller is perfect. The lights turn on dim because of low battery (except it’s not) and the controller disconnects every minute or so. It’s really ruining the experience. Any idea of what it could be or a fix? I don’t want to buy the dell ones because they cost the same as I payed for my entire headset + controllers. 

T480S sharp palmrest. Is there a way to make it smooth ?

After using T450S it was time to upgrade. Seems that designer who made these new thinkpads dont use em in real life. What is the point of make front edge of laptop sharp (0,05mm rounded) ? I bet its for saving manufacturing costs. Yoga 530 even has steel band added to font edge to cut to your palms….it was returned to shop for that reason.


Is there a diy way to make it round ? Perhaps router woud do the job, has anyone make it better ?

My regards to designer….


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