whit which SSD can i replace the 1TB HDD G70-80 80ff

De G70-80 has some security in the bios or motherboard so i can not replace things  that easy.  i could only find a 128gb ssd for replacement but that’s to small.  which bigger SSD can i use

Lenovo G50-70 display goes off / on when moving while open

When I move my display, the display blanks out until I move it back to the previous position.  Almost like there is a connection problem.  Suggestions on resolution?

Wavy lines with Yoga 730 and Active Pen 2

I have a new Lenovo Yoga 730-15IKB and an the active pen 2.
As I show in the attached video, I don’t have control of my stroke when I dras slowly.
I want to know if this is a limitation of the hardware, an issue that can be solved with a driver, or just a defective device I received.
From the information I could find, this is a wacom technology and I neved had this problem with my Samsung Note or Intuos tablets.

Can you please tell me what is happening and if there is a solution?

JoaquinGo to https://youtu.be/n0JdwgpEyqE

T460s Power On issues



I have a company T460s  This will turn on but only after multiple power button presses and generally only when plugged into the mains power.

Once on and connected to the mains it is fine.  I have now left it on my docking station at work without turning off and it is still on the next day.

The problem started occuring when it was left in sleep mode, ie just closed the screen down, as when i next came to it had turned off completely and would complete a full start up when eventually it powered up.

I suspect that it is a battery issue, although all my company support eventualy offered was that it was out of warranty and i was to order a new Laptop, HP now though.


Anyone any thoughts as whilst I’m all up for  new laptop, i am loathed to offload something just for a new battery or power button



T730 lights that blink and change

does my T730 have lights that blink and change from the desktop tower?  Is it blue AND multicolored?  Where can you adjust or change lighting?


Thank you,


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