T520 palmrest problems (trackpad not working)

I recently replaced the palmrest on my ThinkPad t520. Previously, I had replaced the palmrest and reused the old ribbon cables. Sadly, that didn’t work.

So, I purchased a new palmrest on eBay that came with the trackpad and ribbon cables.

Here’s a picture:

When I plug it into the computer I am unable to get the trackpad or the finger print sensor to work.


Furthermore, when I do plug it in it somehow disables the trackpoing on my brand new keyboard. I can still use a USB mouse, however. When I unplug the palmrest cable the trackpoint works as normal.

I’ve done a factory reset and I thought that would solve everything but unfortunately it hasn’t. The BIOS says that the trackpad is "enabled" so I’m not sure what the problem is.

Thank you in advance for any and all suggestions.

yoga 910 USB-C forward port stopped working



I am a teacher and need to connect at school to a HDMI cable. I use a USB-c to HDMI dongle. As many, I had issue with my USB-C port since I purchased my Yoga 910. (turn on and off and hard to connect) Recently however, the port just stopped working.


I believe it is dead. I tried to find documentation on how to repair it or investigate but could not find any informations.


Can I do anything to confirm that? Is there anything I can do to repair it? Is the next step to bring my laptop to a Lenovo service center?


Thank you for any help!


Lenovo Legion Y520 Keyboard

good evening

So i bought my lenovo legion y50 about 5 months ago and everything was good and he was running great but a little while ago i’ve been having problems with the buttons "H" "G" "E" "FN" "9" and the laptop is in great condition he didn’t get dirty or something and what made me think it’s a softwear problem is that a couple of my friend got the same laptop and they also had the same problem. For exemple when i start the computer and the password window come’s on i have to wait for like 5 min and abuse the buttons to work . thanks for you’r understanding !

Lenovo Phan camera takes too much longer to shoot

Lenovo phab camera takes too long to shoot. It works fine in that start . But after few month. It get annoying. 

And I can’t reset my phone every couple of months. 

Is there a solution to fix it.

No access to bios Thinpad T450s

Hello everyone,
My Thinkpad T450s under w7 Pro worked perfectly and I wanted to switch it to w10 by reformatting to make a clean installation.

After the install, w10 works perfectly and I wanted to enter the Bios by F2, it does not open anymore.
Same for the boot menu by F12, it does not open anymore.

I tried also by the recovery, there instead of the Bios I’m entitled to all other starts.

I can not boot on usb stick it is impossible to stay in the state.

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