Never get your Lenovo P2 serviced once it is not working

Never get your Lenovo P2 phone serviced by Lenovo Rajajinagar as my phone although had the entire motherboard changed has again given rise  to  ia fingerprint ssue which they said was repaired.but just after two days of service the fingerprint has stopped working yet again.On top of that the service people had removed some layer beneath the fingerprint sensor which makes a very weird noise every time I touch it and now has also started wobbling.Although the fingerprint sensor was repaired for free the first time , I am still facing the problem and have already spent 4200 rupees replacing motherboard.All in all never service your phone once it is broken .It is better to buy a new one and I am 100 percent positive that I will never buy a Lenovo product because of such an incident .I am sharing my incident with you guys and I will be happy if anyone got their device properly repaired by Lenovo.FOR ME I WONT BUY A LENOVO PHONE.IT Is sad to see your first phone giving you so many problems just after 2 years.

Hotspot of my lenovo k8 plus doesn't connect with other devices

Please take action as early as possible because due to this it is creating trouble

for my day to day activities. 

BiosConfig tool and Disabled SGX dont work



i want to disable the SGX Setting in the BIOS with the BIOSConfigtool.

I cant disabled SGX. i got a error Message.  Invalid Parameter.   
from Disabled to Enable, it works.
from Enable to Disbaled it not work.

if i change other Settings, this works fine.


P72 starts with .079 processor speed (plugged in to AC and on battery

Good day,


I am struggling to find solution to a frustrating problem with my P72, any help is appriciated.


When booting up, when on AC or battery the processor speed is stuck at 0.79.  The system is not usable.. the only way to get it out of this slow mode is to unplug the AC power and plug it in a few times.


I have disabled "quick boot" messed with the power settings (tried max performance etc) these have not worked.


I am running throttle stop set up as shown in pic…  Thanks Jeff


Thinkpad X1 Tablet gen 3 (20KJ0017US) supported pens

hi so i read the compatiblity list here for all the pen for X1 tablet in here

find these are compatible 

Lenovo ThinkPad Pen Pro4X80H34887Lenovo Active Pen 2GX80N07824Lenovo Active pen (NA)GX80K32882Lenovo Pen Pro-ROW 4X80R02889


and some other variation for some regions of these models.

asking for compatiblity for the thinkpad pen pro on amazon a Lenovo Representative told me it’s not compatible so now i’m confused, i want to buy either thinkpad pen pro or the lenovo active pen 2


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