Navigating NOVO and UEFI screens on Yoga Tablet 2 (1051F)

I see that  the BT keyboard does not work on these screens (tochscreen seems to work ok). From other posts I deduce they are using USB KBD and/or mice to navigate (is this correct?) If so, what USB keyboards and/or mice work on UEFI and NOVO menu screns?



Non-existent user guide and initial setup docs

I received my PC but it came with NO documentation, no user guides, no setup guides and absolutely no hardware explanation.  Is this the typical way Lenovo does business?  IS it possible Lenovo has no documentation written yet?  

Accidentally deleted display adapter of AMD Radeon R9 M375 on Z51-70

I was having a problem with the driver and accidentally deleted the driver software for the amd gpu device, and now can’t seem to be able to detect it.



i have no restoration point, and thus can’t restore an older version.

and i can’t seem to be able to install the driver from the amd download center as it keeps telling me "there’s no amd hardware detected."


I also tried to add a new hardware and it detected a "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter (Not ACPI Supported)", and it shows an unknown device during installation, but it doesn’t continue and eventually shows errors, and the unknown device is auto deleted due to that error.

Yoga 3 1170 not fully charging

The above captioned model is not fully charging. It charges to 57%. Is there a solution for this?

X1 Carbon 5th Gen won't boot

I just opened a brand new X1 Carbon. Started loading software. I only download from Ninite to be safe. Installed the needed software. Signed in to MS Office 365. It was running for about an hour then blue screened. 

Now it won’t boot back up. Just sits at the "press enter to interrupt the boot" screen.

I have pushed the reset button and tried to hit enter as it boots up but don’t know any other tips. 

This is brand new. Any ideas? Very disappointed if this is going to be my experience.

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