Lenovo X380 – USB C-Dock – external Displays do not work after driver update


after installing the following display driver update

Intel HD Graphics Driver26.20.100.695126 Sep 2019

my Lenovo X380 will not recognize the external displays connected via USB C-Dock (by DP to mini-DP). After un-installing the display driver and re-installing an older version, the problem is fixed. Is this issue known and will there be a fix available in future?


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Thinkpad L490 get warm and battery life is less that half as advertised

I have received my L490 laptop and found that my battery life barely hit 5hrs on full charge. From the datasheet, it is meant to be able to last up to 12hrs. I am fully understand that the clause of "up to" would mean the usage for my device but to get 5 hrs, which is only after lowering the brightness of my display, i feel that is not right. Out of the box, i am only getting about 4hrs of usage time on full charge. Is there a way to achieve higher battery life rather than start to down clock the settings or even reformat the laptop?

I also notice if i am on idle or light usage (open a web browser only), the base of the laptop gets warm as if i am running multiple program.

Anyone had this issue and manage to solve it? I am not ruling out that i need to change more settings but unclear of what should be turn off and what can leave it on without degrading of performance.

Lenovo server question

So historically my customer has been an IBM shop, buying X-series servers. Obviously that line has been sold to Lenovo and it appears that Lenovo has decided to let that line die on the vine. You can still buy an x3650 M5 but it’s a design that is two years old with Xeon E5 v4 CPUs (Broadwell). The alternative would be the Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650, which seems to have similar configuration options. Is anyone familiar with these particular boxes? How do they compare to the System X3650?

Lenovo ThinkCentre desktops – any major issues over past few years?

Company has been purchasing Lenovo laptops (mostly ThinkPad E, some T, some X1C) and HP desktops (ProDesk 400/600).

I want to standardize to one brand and with users being used to the laptops we’ve been buying for 6+ years, as well as not really having any major issues with them, it makes more sense to me to keep Lenovo laptops and switch to Lenovo Desktops (vs going the other way with HP).

So I’m looking at switching to ThinkCentre M710 SFF, maybe some M710 Tiny’s. All of them would be i5/8GB RAM/256GB SSD with 3 year NBD OnSite+Tech Install of CRU.

Mainly looking to find out if anyone from those of you using ThinkCentre’s if there has been any major disasters with them in recent years. I realize the M710’s are brand new so there isn’t a lot of history to go on, but history with the prior gen will be relevant.

Lenovo H430 desktop: how to add USB 3.0 or 3.1 ports

I need to update my USB’s to 3.0 or 3.1, but not sure if the system will respond to the replacements.  I would appreciate a response from anyone who has tried this themselves.  Thanks. 


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