Lenovo ThinkPad 13?


Hello all,

I currently have a Toshiba CB2 2014 and I’m looking for a new Chrombook. I’ve looked at all the buying guides but I’m still in a bit of a rut.

My main concerns are needing a great keyboard and screen. I was looking at the Samsung Chromebook Pro. I just came across the Lenovo Chrombook and it looks great, I just haven’t seen anyone raving about it here.

Any advice on this one would be appreciated, thanks!

Update android 8.0

IdeaPad 100S 11IBY – How to factory reset

so I was updating my windows 10 os finally bc somehow I had enough storage space to do so? While doing this I was still short like a little bit of space. As I was reading around the web I saw that I could try to update while in safe mode, so I followed the instructions to enter this mode and rebooted. Now I cannot even get passed the log in screen bc it wants my local windows password.  I have been using my pin for as long as I’ve had this piece of junk and have tried literally every password I can think of since 2008. I downloaded the windows recovery media and everytime I try to do the system recovery option from the novo button menu it loops me back to the same log in screen. Please for the love of Christina, tell me how to fix this. I just want to watch my shows in my basement after my kids go to sleep, is that too much to ask?

IdeaPad 330s 15arr audio drivers problem

Just recent got a new IdeaPad 330s 15arr and right after installing all updates available, noticed the audio looked like clipped. Thought it was the speakers but it also happen when using headphones via p2. 


Tried the following:

. Updating driver’s via lenovo’s vantage. Nothing.

. Updating manually, downloading driver’s via lenovo’s website. Nope.

. Calling Lenovo assistance with remote support. Nope.


Then I restored my notebook, full recovery, and noticed windows voice assistance during initial installing was perfect but right after finishing installation, audio was back to clipped.


. Last effort tried to roll back drivers to the previous version, tada! Working. 


So, the updated drivers offered by Lenovo are not working properly. At least for me. 

X3550 M3 (7944) fan problem


I’ve started updatig firmwares on my x3550 m3 some days ago.

I’ve updated UEFI firware up to version 1.22 than restarted the system. Everything was fine.

The next day I’ve updated IMM firmware from version 1.31 up to version 1.55 and I’ve got fans runing full speed all the time after that.

I’ve tryed to reset IMM, tryed to unplug the power for a while and power up again with no luck.

Another problem now I cann’t access IMM neither from web interface nor from ASU CLI.

So I need any help to make fans run not so loud and to make IMM working again. :smileysad:

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