lenovo IdeaFlex 14 touchscreen failure

The touchscreen stopped working some time ago.  Now it seems it is loosing liquid from the bottom right corner, a sort of sticky substance. Is there a place in Buenos Aires to have it repaired?

Thanks a lot


Lenovo never center

lenovo never center very large in resolution 2560×1080

Thinkpad E460 Battery or Power Issues

Hello All,


I`m new in this forum.

I have Thinkpad E460 for last one year, I just use for sometimes, not daily used.

and then my laptop suddenly wont turn on when I press power button (battery condition), LED on power button not flash, just red LED on "Thinkpad" flashing.


When I try to user adapter, LED on power button still not flash, but my laptop can turn on just for at least 10 minutes and then turn off.


anyone have experienced like this ? I need estimate may be for replace some part or just for repair.



Haikal Dzulfikri




I have tried again to turn on my laptop, and the come up this messege below.


is it possible to get not genuine battery even if you bought from authorized distributor ?


Need help for install vm ware for lenovo ideapad 320 – 15 ABR

I want to install Virtual machine in my laptop but not success due appears like my captures below. 



For your information, i have do with bios system and looking for advance in bios.

in bios only menu information, configuration, security boot and exit. 


Specificasion : AMD a129720P radeon R7, 12 compute Cores 4c+8g with Ram 8 Giga.


Need your advice brother.

G500 LCD Problems

My neighbor has a lenovo g500 laptop.  I have worked on this PC a few times in the past with software issues and back then you had to have the screen at a certain spot to keep the picture on.  I started taking it apart and noticed both hinges are broke for starters.  Now the laptop has to be over 3/4 closed to get the proper picture.  At certain spots you get a picture but it is really faint (like there is no backlighting).  Other spots you have no picture.  I know the hinges are not rotating properly unless you kinda squeeze down on the case because the plastic is broken inside.  I have 2 questions.


1.  Do you think this could be a lid switch problem and where is it located on this PC?

2.  Do you think replacing the LCD cable will fix the problem?



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