Lenovo 110s factory reset

I have forgotten my password on lenovo 110s and am trying to do facotry reset. When i do this it comes up with additional space needed for drive with windows. I cannot get into the system as have forgotten the password. How can i do the reset?

VIBE K5 Note Fingerprint hardware problem

Its been an year and 4 months i’ve been using my vibe k5 note and it starts showing ‘fingerprint harware not available’ each time i touch the fingerprint sensor while the phone is locked…Is there any solution for this? Now i cant even delete my current fingerprints to crwate new.

x270 hd vs fhd – which to get?

I need some advice about the displays for the x270 – is the HD display on the x270 an IPS? I didn’t find this info here https://www3.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/thinkpad/thinkpad-x/ThinkPad-X270/p/20HNCTO1WWENUS0/customize?#!


My current x240 with has HD resolution (I can’t tell if it’s IPS or not) model 20ALCTO1WW – I’m considering replacing it with the x270.

I’ve heard good things about the FHD display but I’m concerned that with the FHD panel my font size will be too tiny for my 50+ year old eyes in its native resolution. I’ve heard that scaling the display results in suboptimal rendering/quality of text/fonts.


Has anyone looked at both versions of the display? How do they compare? I’ll be using the system for mostly coding/writing and perhaps watching some videos. No Graphics or PS intensive work. Might hook it up to the tv from time to time (not that often)


The display on the x240 isn’t the greatest (could be brighter for sure) but it works fine, so I could probably do fine with the same type for the x270 – or is there something that I ought to consider?




PS: FWIW, I’m planning to get the i5-7300 model with 16 GB RAM and the 500 GB drive (that I plan to replace with a standard SSD 500 GB or 1TB drive – hopefully not a problem).

P51 Fan starting and restartinga every 10th seconds full blast



I cannot find any solution to this issue when the workstation is plugged in. I have exactly  the same issue as another member:


The fan is working at full blast for about 10 seconds periods, although CPU load is about 25 %. Then fan noise goes down for about 10-15 seconds, while CPU load stays the same at about 25% (on very light work). And it goes on like this for long periods of time. 10 seconds full blast, 10 seconds quieter, 10 seconds full blast, etc..The temperature almost never went up from 45-55 °C on all the four cores.



Intel Core 7700HQ




I would appreciate any help lease/ This is extremely annoying to work with.



Music key is not working in k 8 note

Hi Team,


There is a availability of.music key in K 8 note but the same is not working after purchase of this device, kindly resolve this issue.





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