ix4-300d problem when reading HDD on windows

Hello everybody,

We bought some years ago a NAS server Lenovo Lomego ix4-300d. This december, the HDD in the NAS were nearly full so we switched them with new one.

The problem is,  we need to have access to the old drive but we can’t read them and i don’t know how we can do it.

The save was made with 2 HDD through RAID1.

When i connect one HDD with windows, i don’t have access to my drive. The explorer doesn’t seem to recognize the filesystem of my HDD.

We tried using some utilitary like "DiskInternals Linux Read". This software can recognize the disk so far, but it see them as "Raw" Filesystem and can’t open them too.

We tried connecting one drive to Linux but it doesn’t work too.

 Can someone help us?

Thank you so much,

Best regards,

IdeaPad Miix 510-12ISK front camera not working

After upgrading around 10 IdeaPad Miix 510-12ISK computers to Windows 10 version 1709, the front facing camera on all of them stopped working.

Device manager gives no power failure message and the rear camera works fine.


When I start the Camera app or Skype or any other application that connects to camera, the screen is just black.

After i switch to the rear camera (which works fine) and back to front camera, the camera starts working for a second and then freezes. After that it completely stops working until I restart the Miix.

After restart, everything repeats again (starts working for a second, then freezes).


This problem only occurs on Windows 10 version 1709. On version 1703, the camera works fine, so the problem is not with hardware.


I have tried about 5 different drivers, and the problem happens on all of them.


The IdeaPad Miix 510-12ISK hardware is on the list as being tested for Fall Creators update 1709, so I am wondering – was it really tested? Please update the driver and solve this issue.


We also have IdeaPad Miix 520-12ISK and those work fine on Windows 10 1709.



Adding fingerprint reader to X220i tablet

Hi all!


I have x220i tablet w/o FPR.


It is possible to add FPR to this model?

Z51-70 – Can I change my Wi-Fi card?

Hi everyone …


I have ( Lenovo z51-70 ) and I’m having a problem with my laptop … The internet signal is weak and sometimes disappear so i need to use alfa network and it’s not very good because I want to move from a place to another and It’s not good at this thing … and now i want change my wifi card ( Intel dual band wireless ac-3160 ) So I looked online for a good wifi card and i saw intel network 7260 so I wanted to know are it work on my laptop ? … please i need to know and If it works I will buy it to fix my network problem … and If it does not support my laptop Are there other good options fast and have a long rang … thanks .


Mod’s Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.



laptop model : lenovo z51-70 .

Machine Type Model : 80K6004EAX … or just  ( 80K6 ) .


I hope you will forgive me if there are any mistakes in writing .

Z51-70 – Can I change my Wi-Fi card?

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