How to increase the battery life of a T580.

How can I increase the life of a battery?

should we keep the power supply connected always working (or) should keep sometime and remove after fully charging…I also get confused what to do .please advice and suggest if there is any document for any settings

T580 what should be the default RAID setting in BIOS?

Mine is a thinkpad t580 with SSD 500GB. dont know some how it shows only (C Drive: 464GB + D Drive 15GB)

dont know why there is a 15GB Ddrive now that too empty.


I actually tried to instal, Ubantu. I changed SATA BIOS from RTE to AICH.. After that I saw the labtop is significantly slow.

so I removed ubantu and changed BIOS back to RTE. is the RAID setting by default is non-raid? 

I am attaching the snapshot of the configuration. can you please tell me the best configuration so that I can keep my system faster. After changing to RTE I see that Intel Opaque is also enabled and is faster.

Want to fix the RAID part also.



Lenovo Yoga 920-131KB Model 80Y7 won't power on

My laptop won’t power on, and I’ve tried using both of my 2 OEM power adapters and multiple electrical outlets.  Could this be something simple I could fix on my end?   I purchased my laptop at Best Buy in December 2017,  so I’m now about 6 months out of warranty. 


[Request] BIOS Update for Legion Y530-15ICH-1060, Legion Y7000P-1060

Greetings, 3 months ago, there was a BIOS update to Legion Y530-15ICH under the name of " 8JCN50WW " (Released Mar 26) which fixed the overheating/throttling issue of that laptop.
However, the 1060 variant of that laptop is still on the version " 9VCN15WW " (Released Jan 10) which unfortunately has a lot of problems including overheating/throttling/fan random kicks and so on.

Hopefully you’ll release a BIOS update to fix the 1060 variant of this laptop soon, I have Legion Y7000P-1060 and I am waiting for that update, even though it’s been 3 months since you released it to the 1050 variant.

Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen6: How premium laptop can have so many issues?

I understood that my speech may sound like a cry of a soul but I really try to understand am I the only "lucky" who experienced with these issues or this is a common problem in a new ThinkPad series.


I’ve bought my top-model Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen6 4 weeks ago for $2500 bucks in my country. I really expected that so expensive laptop MUST NOT have the issues with at least the basic functionality. But I was wrong.


Issue 1. Not working touchpad

So I opened my brand new laptop and what I got? The touchpad was completely laggy and unusable. The same as experienced some other guys:

The problem PARTIALLY fixed after manual reinstalling the drivers but still from time to time reproduces and the only solution is to reboot my laptop.


Issue 2. Cracking sound trough 3.5mm port

When I connected headphones every sound had background cracking noise. It has partially been fixed after drivers update but the sound is still worse even comparing with low-cost sound cards.


Issue 3. Bad screen image on a non-native 4K resolution

When I need to decrease resolution from native 4K (for many reasons like playing games etc) the screen becomes very blurry and uncomfortable for use.


Issue 4. Wifi loses connection from time to time

Yes, WiFi in scenarios when I use it hard (like downloading big files on the speed up to 10MB/s) just break the connection and reconnect after few seconds.


Issue 5. Video through HDMI is laggy on FullHD

When I connect the notebook to my FullHD TV through HDMI then all the dynamic scenes in Cinema are very laggy. On all the players. The changing of settings didn’t help. Sometimes after the system restart lags gone but it is not possible to just connect the laptop to the TV and see FullHD video.


So, I bought a "premium" laptop for more than 2K bucks and even basic things are not working properly. I spend a few weeks for drivers updating, reconfiguring, googling with no luck. I even can’t return it to the shop because in my country the returning policy gives 2 weeks for it (and I’ve owned it 4 weeks already). I can not express my disappointment.


(P. S. After the 4 weeks of pain, I just come back to use my 8-years old laptop. Seems like it is my last ThinkPad in my life – I’m not sure that I want to spend so much money and get an absolutely unusable laptop again).

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