HDCP Error



I would be grateful for any help. 


I have a Lenovo ThinkCenre All in One PC.   


I also have Sky Go, where in theory I can play purchase films on different devices.   


Although I can add this computer as a device, when I try and play a Movie it says that:   


"This video can only be played on displays that support HDCP, please disconnect any external cables and try again".   


The only external cables I have is Power, Keyboard and Mouse.   


I have contacted Sky who says it is a hardware problem not a Sky problem.   


Apparently, it usually comes up with this error if you have an HDMI cable connected as (from what I can gather) it thinks you maybe making copies of the movie.


Sky kept telling me to remove the HDMI cable, despite the fact that I told them there wasn’t one!   


Does anyone know how to make this PC "support HDCP"?   


Any help very gratefully appreciated.    Many thanks, S

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Per Loken

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