G570 – Stuck at 60% when trying to install version 1903

Hello, I have an old G570 that came with Windows 7. A few years ago I upgraded it to W10. For a few months I’ve been trying to install the Windows Update version 1903 but it get stuck at 60% and then it uninstall again.


I have 25 GB of free space and 4GB RAM. Any suggestions how to keep my old laptop updated with the latest windows update? I deactivated the antivirus and disconnected any usb device.


Thanks in advance.

UEFI first or UEFI only for Win 10?



I searched the forum it bit, but still don’t really know the difference?


Thanks in advance…

Lenovo smart display 8” dropping WiFi

Can someone from Lenovo contact me regarding the dropping WiFi issues with this device as it has never worked properly and is not fit for purpose. It is not practical to completely reconfigure my WiFi to 2.4 because your company lied about its support of 5ghz networking.


as this device is not fit for purpose I would like to either get a proper fix or an alternative device. If not then I will have to raise it with trading standards in the uk

Yoga 900S USB-C Display Not Working

I have a Yoga 900s and suddenly the display won’t work for the USB-C out. I have been using a USB-C to HDMI converter, and it worked for a bit, but now won’t connect at all. I’ve tried a few different connectors, but nothing seems to do the trick. Any help would be great, as I can’t find any information on the 900s, or what the problem might be.


Integrated IR camera firmware update failed

Lenovo Vantage notified to upgrade Integrated IR camera firmware for Chicony/CHFGE18-C/CKFGE20-A. Upgrade loaded, but installation failed. Upgrade history now shows the failed try, but Vantage does not offer to upgrade again, checking says there are no upgrades available.


Camera does not work. What to do?


Device is ThinkPad T480s, product # 20L7001HMX.

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