E540 – still no Windows 10 build 1809

It is still on 1803 build, Windows Update is not offering 1809 build. Is there any known issue with the 1809 build and E540, so the update is blocked?

Lenovo Y50 Video Card Woes

Last night I was playing Final Fantasy XIV and received a BSOD.  I wasn’t able to catch the specific code before my system restarted, but once it restarted, all of my games ran slowly, if it would let me in without DirectX or D3D issues.  The BSODs that have happened since then stated a DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION which to my understanding means there’s issues with the drivers.  I updated the drivers and was still having the same issues, except now, I get notifications popping up in my tray that the "Device Kernel Has Stopped Responding" but "has recovered" and my screen would freeze for about 15-30 seconds at a time.  This would happen repeatedly until it ceased completely.  I checked the device manager and see that my system sees the 960M, but it threw a code 34.  Final Fantasy XIV was unable to see my 960M (you can switch video cards that FFXIV runs on).  It’s worth noting that I had all games on my machine set to use the high performance processor via the NVidia Control Panel.


At this point, I decide to do a complete factory reset of my machine.


I am currently running on a fresh OS install where the first thing I did was updated the drivers through the device manager and then installed steam + Dead by Daylight for testing.  Dead by Daylight is still running at about 3fps, which tells me that the system still isn’t seeing my video card.


I ran the Lenovo Diagnostics Windows Video Card Tests:



This machine was a refurbished product and the warranty ran out two years ago, am I SOL?

H520: is 180w sufficient for graphics card GPU?


I have a power supply of 180 waat i 3 3240 2 x 4 6 gb ddr3 500 hdd So you have the Lenovo H520. currently I do not have an external display card inserted and I want to install
a card asus amd renedon r7 240 128 bit. I wonder if my power supply to meet this?  

Overclocking Y530 with GTX 1060

Hi there!


First post in the forum.


What is your experience with overclocking this card?

I have it with the i7 and the whole package is a bit toasty to say the least..



fingerprint reader not working with fingerprint reader


fingerprint reader doesnot permit enrollment for built in adminsitrator account in windows 7

Please help me how to acces the fingerprint reader feature with administrator account.

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