Duracion bateria ideapad 530S 14lKB


Me gustaría saber lo siguiente:


1) confirmar cuál es el tiempo promedio que dura la batería de la ideapad 530S

2) ¿Cuál es la mejor manera de optimizar la carga?

3) ¿Es correcto que mientras trabajo este conectado el equipo a la corriente, o es mejor desconectar?



ThinkSystem Storage Management Console DS2200 – Unable to create a SNMPV3 user



I have a problem when I create a snmpv3 user.


This password is conform to snmpv3 specifications:

The Authentication password can contain 8 to 12 characters in length and include any combination of alphanumeric characters (uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and numbers)


But I have an error message: "Unable to add the new user" (see screenshot)


Is there an another way to create this snmpv3 user (with command line?

Thanks for your help.

How to loosen hinges on Lenovo Yoga 15



I have a Lenovo Yoga 15

I have replaced the screen bezel twice now. The tight hinges simply make the bezel tear appart and eventually break apart the interior frame.


So – how do I loosen the hinges ?


Thanks in advance.

Error – micro SD card on lenovo a5600?


How to fix error "operations failed" when i paste or delete a file on sd card 8Gb on lenovo a5600… Thanks before…

cpu upgrade 700-22ish

currently have 700-22ish with a pentium g4400t. manual shows i5-6400t. i was wondering if an i7-6700t is possible – will the bios behave with it.

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