Changing Legion Y540 refresh rate from 60hz to 144hz



I recently bought a Legion y540 and I can’t set it to 144hz. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong, was given the wrong unit or other reasons I still couldn’t figure out. Please see screenshots below for reference. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.





PC get stuck on reboot not poweroff

Hi all,


I have a problem with my Lenovo Thinkpad P51s. If I restart windows 10, it get stucked on lenovo boot logo after few seconds.
This does not happen when I power off windows though.


I updated all the drivers, bios, etc. I disabled fast startup too. As a notice, I have bitlocker since it is a company laptop. Every time I reboot the bitlocker page shows up, not when I power off though.

If I disable bitlocker, the page obviously does not shows up and I can see the lenovo boot logo with its spinner. After few seconds it get stucked.

X1 Carbon 6th Gen Touchpad not working


The touchpad of my X1 stopped working again :(.


I tried to uninstall the Synaptics device, which makes it work again after the first reboot, but when the Synaptics driver is automatically reinstalled it will stop working again. Strangely gestures like 4 finger swipe works but the cursor doesn’t move, and the touchpad driver diagnostics also seems to see finger movements.


It seems that the device is detected as as Synaptics TouchPad V9.16 on PS2 Port instead of using the SMBus:


Can anyone help with this issue or post screenshots from their working X1 C6 (Thinkpad tab in the mouse properties and press Alt+Shift+i) ?

ThinInstaller – Synaptics Prometheus MiS Touch Fingerprint Reader Driver

The driver "Synaptics Prometheus MiS Touch Fingerprint Reader Driver" was not installed on the T490 (20N3) with ThinInstaller.

First i thought the driver is only for Windows 10 1809 and later?


But on my test device (1803) i could install the driver with the EXE file.


Used T460s – find out if replaced keyboard is original



I recently bought a refurbished T460s that came with a replaced keyboard. The seller says it is an original Lenovo spare part. Yet, the middle row of keys (asdf…) feels cheap and produces scratching noises when pressed. Is there any way to find out if the keyboard is an original? I would prefer not to disassemble the laptop (yet).



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