Bios version BHCN32WW for download – Y540-17IHR

Hi guys, does anyone have the bios version BHCN32WW for download? I’ve made the huge mistake to upgrade it to BHCN33WW and it’s running like crap. I’ve done a bigger mistake not creating a Recovery Point so… yeah, can anyone help me?


Installing Thunderbolt Driver in SCCM task sequence

Does anyone have solution for installing Thunderbolt Driver in the SCCM Task Sequence for ThinkPad P53s and X1 Yoga 4th?


I download 

Intel Thunderbolt Software (Windows 10 Version 1709 or Later) – 10 [64]



Using the following commands but doesn’t seem to work for me:


Extract command:



Silent Install:

%PACKAGEPATH%n2itd03w.exe /verysilent /DIR=%PACKAGEPATH%TMP


Thank you,




Lenovo Smart Clock and Sonos

Anyone know why my Sonos speakers aren’t showing up as an available speaker for the Smart Clock?


Ive enabled Google Assistant on them, but when I try and make them the Default Speaker in settings via the Google Home app they aren’t listed.  here’s a screenshot 

Lenovo Battery Calibration Reduces Battery Life

My computer has low battery life. The battery runs out for 2 hours. My battery, which is 35 Wh, has dropped to 30 Wh. The battery had a value of 33 Wh before calibrating. I’m getting 3 hours and 40 minutes of battery time in advance. His computer was taken 6 months ago. The computer is in the middle light, the scanner is on and I have 2 hours listening to music from Spotify. The new device shows 15% battery wear. I calibrated with the OneKey program. When you calibrate the battery, the charge has dropped to full capacity. Should I send it to the service? 


My computer; Lenovo IP330 15-ARR

R5 2500U and Radeon 540 8GB RAM




Lenovo Legion Y520 i7 RAM upgrade, can't find slot


I have a Lenovo Legion y520 i7 gtx106with 8gb ddr4 ram. Today I purchased another 8bg, ready to upgrade. I watched a lot of videos, and it seemed easy because they had 2 slots next to eachother, 1 empty.   

But when I opened my laptop, it doesn’t have 2 slots next to eachother. I only see 1 slot with a green card (i guess the original RAM) and a blue one on top. I thought the blue one is a placeholder which I remove and place the new one in it’s place, but I don’t want to lose my warranty by pickinv things apart if I’m not sure what to do. Could you please help me?  

I put a picture up of what I see under the RAM shield.

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