G8124E Dropped packets due to insufficient memory

Hi,   we are running a CEPH based storage cluster and our monitoring shows discarded packets on our switch infrastructure running two VLAG/MLAN Switches G8124E with Firmware 8.4.10. On the core switches itself we see    G8124E-node1#show interface port 6 maintenance-counters | include Conge (Congestion) Dropped packets due to insufficient memory partition 0: 225   The […]

Y910-17ISK heatsink, fans, thermal issue

Hello, I’m the owner of Y910-17ISK with I7-6820HK and GTX 1070. I am using this laptop almost 2 years and there are topics I wanted to discuss on forum with Lenovo and others. I have few observations, 1 question and 1 big proposal. After some time I realized that laptop face overheating issue which causes as called […]

T470 – Built in battery suddenly drains first after Battery reset

Hey,   I know there have been a couple of posts on the T470 and other models draining the built in battery first. It was an issue for me when I got the Thinkpad, but after an update shortly after, the problem was solved. Usually external drained first and I rarely had my internal ever […]

T490 build quality

I’ve been buying thinkpads for years. This is my third thinkpad that I’ve ordered personally (asides from the ones we’ve received for our teams at work), and I also have a Yoga. I’ve been disappointed with it so far, and was wondering if anyone else has noticed a serious drop in Lenovo’s product quality?   […]

Facebook and Explorer crach in my Lenovo book Android 7.1.1

Recently, 2 or 4 months ago stoped working Facebook and Xplorer. I reintaled the aplications, but It’s the same. I I’m usin Facebook Lite insted. Some one can tell me what is happening. Thanks Thinkpad T470 – Second Screen Randomly Turning Off A user at our company is experiencing an issue with his second screen […]

T series windows 10 "tested" compatibility

I have recently updated a few of our T580’s to windows 10. Most are on 1809 and I have one that is on 1903. I noticed that this model is not on the tested devices for windows 10 at least for 1809 and 1903. The devices on 1809 are showing the  "your device isn’t quite ready […]

M715q how to set up Eyefinity on Ryzen 5 2400GE

Hi, I bought a M715q because I need to set up two screens as a "spanned" Dsiplay with AMD Eyefinity. This means, two 1024×768 screens create one 2048×768 screen. Don´t confuse this with an extended display which can be done with windows. Windows only sees one big screen even though two screens are attached. This […]

Thinkpad P50 – Unknown usb device (Device descriptor request failed) Bluetooth not working

Few days ago suddenly my Logitech MX master mouse (bluetooth connected) stopped working. Then I figured that Bluetooth can not be enabled. Then I saw that in Device manager have problem with unknown usb device, which device decriptor failed. Usb ports are without any device connected. All four of them empty now. Any kind of windows, usb/bluetooth […]

IdeaPad 330s with USB-C Travel Hub

Hi there,   USB-C Travel Hub (4X90M60789)  my  IdeaPad (81GC004QSC) won’t recognize. Are they compatible at all?  Maybe IdeaPad 330s don’t have USB-C power supplaying? If don’t have supplaying maybe any other option?       Thanks! Lenovo 330-15ICH 81FK005MTX SSD Support / Sorry But Its Urgent 🙁 Hi ,   Can i use below ssd […]

U530 Touch – integrated camera has disappeared

My integrated camera seems to have disappeared. I have used it in the past with no problems, but now it is gone. Skype and Google both say ‘no camera found’, and it is not listed in my device manager.  I’m running Windows 8.1   I know where to find the drivers for the integrated camera; […]